How Do I Choose the Best Chemotherapy Wigs?

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Chemotherapy is a treatment technique that targets the rapidly dividing cells characteristic of cancer. This treatment is notoriously difficult and painful, adding to the already physically and mentally taxing disease that cancer is. Choosing the right chemotherapy wigs can help ease the disfiguring hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy. This can be done by following a few guidelines based on your preferences for style and tolerance for maintenance.

Losing your hair may seem like a minimal side affect of a treatment that could potentially save your life; however, few who have not experienced this cannot relate to the trauma of this dramatic physical change. Luckily, a number of options exist for helping you maintain your looks through chemotherapy wigs. A wig can be like a real head of hair in terms of maintenance and upkeep. For this reason, the shorter the hair and more simple the style, the easier a wig may be to care for. If you feel as though low maintenance is a priority, then it may be beneficial to choose chemotherapy wigs accordingly.

Short hair, although easier to care for, is clearly not for everyone. To help the transition, many chemotherapy patients choose a shorter hair style prior to the initiation of their treatment. This not only allows them to get used to having short hair, but it opens the door for shorter chemotherapy wigs and additionally reduces the time after treatment that it takes to return to a previous style.


If you are unwilling to make this compromise, there are still many options for longer wigs. Many cancer centers at hospitals will have a variety of resources pertaining to choosing the right wig. It may also be helpful to ask around with family, friends, or beauty salons to get a feel for other information and opinions regarding the matter. Some organizations or businesses may help fund this process for those going through chemotherapy. It is recommended that you choose chemotherapy wigs prior to treatment as the grueling process of chemotherapy leaves little energy for other endeavors.

Wigs can exist in synthetic or natural varieties. Natural wigs are composed of real hair and are therefore more expensive. Synthetic wigs, although cheaper, may also dramatically affect your budget. This is, of course, a small price to pay for the comfort of a head of hair during this difficult period in a person's life. Personal preference comes heavily into play when you choose chemotherapy wigs. Remember that most people recovering from chemotherapy do regain their hair growth and that a wig can be thought of as a temporary fix to fill a difficult void.


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