How Do I Choose the Best Chef Hats for Kids?

Sherry Holetzky

The children in your life will not only look adorable but will also have great fun with chef hats for kids. Children love to mimic adults, so having their very own chef hats is a great way to help them do so as you spend quality time with them. The hats can be used for playtime or for teaching children how to cook. There are a number of different types of hats from which to choose.

Size is an important consideration when choosing a chef's hat for kids.
Size is an important consideration when choosing a chef's hat for kids.

Size is one important factor. You want chef hats for kids to fit each child appropriately. One that is too small won’t cover the head or the hair completely. One that is too large may droop into a child’s face. The latter could hamper vision and lead to accidents.

Color is also a consideration. Although the traditional chef hat is white, many children have a favorite color and it may be very important to them. Selecting chef hats for kids in their favorite colors will make the hats even more special. If you are purchasing hats for several children, selecting different colors is also a great way to keep track of which one belongs to a particular child.

Along with solid-colored options, there are also trademark character designs and prints available in chef hats for kids. Most little guys and gals will enjoy a hat that has a favorite character emblazoned on it. You may also find cute sets that include not only chef hats for kids but also matching aprons, potholders, or other fashion accessories. Such sets make great gifts for those aspiring mini chefs on your list. They are perfect for pretending while using a toy kitchen set or for actually helping out in the kitchen.

Look for chef hats for kids that are made of materials that are easy to launder. In some cases, you may be able to spot clean but it is important to follow care instructions. Some hats may lose their shape if they are machine washed and dried. Others may come out great in the wash but may be better off if allowed to air dry.

You can also find craft or sewing patterns for making your own chef hats for kids. Some are free but you can also purchase them. Many come with complete instructions and a list of the materials that you will need to complete the project. You can make these hats for gifts, just for fun, or even as part of a cute costume.

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