How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Yoga Mats?

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Yoga is a practice of balance and thus it is only fitting that you would want to balance quality and economy in purchasing a yoga mat. Cheap yoga mats are available through many vendors in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. You need only investigate a bit before your purchase and, in most instances, find an appropriate practice mat of your choice for a reasonable price. Ask your teacher, an experienced practitioner or a yoga accessory company for their advice. In the end, you might expect to pay the equivalent of approximately $25 US Dollars (USD) for a yoga mat, sometimes with an accessory or two.

If you are currently taking classes at a yoga center and using the facility's group use or loaner mats, take note of the brand or brands available and your satisfaction level with any particular one. Aside from the decorative effects, yoga mats vary in size from short, the standard-sized 24 inches (61 cm) by 68 inches (182.9 cm), to longer length mats. Yoga mats also differ in thickness, generally from 1/16 of an inch (0.2 cm) to 1/4 of an inch (0.6 cm). Cheap yoga mats will usually be of standard size and thinner than premium brands.


Yoga mats are also available in a variety of textures, varying from nearly smooth to raised texture surfaces. For the most part, the texture of your mat is a matter of personal preference. Some practitioners utilize more highly textured mats to increase traction for particular poses. Other mats are literally known as sticky mats — a result of their manufacture — and provide yogis with friction despite the degree of mat texture. Cheap yoga mats can be found with a variety of textured or untextured surfaces, although special sticky mats generally cost more than inexpensive yoga mats.

Another difference to consider is the material used to manufacture yoga mats and whether you prefer natural materials or synthetic ones. Yoga mats are manufactured from a large variety of substances including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), natural rubber, different plastics and even natural plant-based materials. If you prefer green, natural or even biodegradable mats you will probably pay more for your equipment. Cheap yoga mats are usually made of PVC. These mats may or may not contain hazardous substances depending upon their place and type of manufacture.

The price of your yoga mat may also include some accessories. Most mats have a Velcro® strap at one end to aid in storing or transporting it in rolled form. Others also include a mesh holder with a shoulder strap for portability. These yoga accessories may not even be necessary if you practice at home. Cheap yoga mats tend to be sold with few to no accessories.


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Post 2

@raynbow- I have a few suggestions for that are just as good as yoga mats yet easy to find and lot less costly.

I have used extra large bath mats to do yoga exercises on. These are sold at most types of retail stores in the bath sections, and are not very expensive at all. I like using bath mats to exercise on for several reasons. First they are very easy to clean. They are also durable and tend to hold up after frequent use and cleaning. But the most important thing about exercising on the floor on bath mats is that they are very comfortable and actually thicker than most expensive yoga mats.

You can also use

throw rugs for yoga exercises. They are soft and very cheap.

You can also use a piece of foam rubber. You can find this material in most stores in the craft sections. Though affordable, if may not last as long as an actual yoga mat.

Post 1

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using anything other than an actual yoga mat for doing yoga exercises on. I do yoga at home in my spare time, and I don't want to spend a lot for a mat Sometimes it is hard to find a cheap yoga mat in stores.

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