How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Yoga Clothes?

Gregory Hanson

A customer shopping for cheap yoga clothes should consider selecting garments that are not specifically marketed for yoga, hunting for garments from previous years or seasons, shopping for second-hand garments, and visiting discount retail outlets. In many cases, ordinary exercise clothing or dance clothing can be used to do yoga and is often much less expensive than specialized yoga clothing. It is often possible to obtain top-shelf yoga clothing at discount prices by purchasing at the end of a fashion cycle. Used clothing stores and clothing swap sites and services can provide very cheap yoga clothes, but it can take time to find the best values. Many large retailers offer lines of cheap yoga clothes that may lack designer labels that are still perfectly functional.

Woman in an upward bow yoga pose.
Woman in an upward bow yoga pose.

Yoga does not actually require specialized garments. Any clothing that is comfortable and that allows for an appropriate range of motion will serve for yoga. Cheap yoga clothes, then, can consist of other practical clothing ranging from some dance clothing to comfortable t-shirts. Clothing marketed specifically for yoga is often marked-up as premium merchandise, and very similar garments can often be found at much lower prices.

A fitted T-shirt can be a good, inexpensive choice of clothing to wear while practicing yoga.
A fitted T-shirt can be a good, inexpensive choice of clothing to wear while practicing yoga.

Another option for locating cheap yoga clothes involves shopping for garments that are not part of the current fashion season. Many retailers offer discounts on clothing at the end of a year. Shopping for cheap yoga clothes in this fashion may take some hunting, as popular sizes of clothing tend to sell out. The discounts available on this clothing are often significant, however, and can make it worth visiting several stores or websites.

It is also often possible to obtain used yoga clothing. Many people take up yoga briefly and then abandon it, or change size and require different garments. Used yoga clothing and used fitness clothing suitable for yoga can often be found in used clothing shops. Websites specializing in clothing swaps or resale are another option for locating this type of cheap yoga clothes.

Discount retailers and big box stores are another source of cheap yoga clothes. In many cases, discount retailers will market lower-cost versions of the apparel sold at higher-end stores. The actual quality of these garments is often only slightly lower than that of much more expensive items. A cost-conscious yoga student can find excellent prices on perfectly serviceable yoga and exercise clothing at many discount retailers, both on the Internet and in brick and mortar stores.

Garments not specifically marketed for yoga may prove cheaper.
Garments not specifically marketed for yoga may prove cheaper.

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