How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Wig?

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Two types of cheap wig are commonly available. Some, used mostly as costume or novelty accessories, are meant for occasional wear. Costume wigs should be adequately comfortable and fit securely but are typically not be designed to pass for human hair and are often quite inexpensive. Wigs which are meant for daily wear will generally be more expensive than costume wigs, but occasionally a cheap wig of this variety can be found by shopping smaller merchants, avoiding markups, and considering products being sold at a discount.

Costume wigs are often very cheap. This sort of wig is typically intended to be worn infrequently and in situations where it does not matter if the wig’s artificial nature is apparent to observers. A cheap wig of this variety is often very cheap indeed. When shopping for this style of wig, a customer should make sure that the costume wig is appropriate for the particular look or outfit that it is intended to compliment.


Even a costume wig should fit reasonably well and should not irritate the skin. This variety of cheap wig is almost invariably made of a synthetic material, and it is a good idea to make sure that this material does not irritate the skin of the person who will be wearing the wig. A costume wig is usually attached to either an elastic base or a cap that can be pinned to a head of hair. In either case, even a cheap wig should fit comfortably and securely.

Wigs that are meant for longer-term wear and that are designed to mimic the appearance of a natural head of hair are typically more expensive than costume wigs. In many cases, this sort of wig will be made of a synthetic material, though some brands of human hair wig are inexpensive enough to qualify as cheap wigs. The quality of modern synthetic wigs can be quite good, and some are difficult to distinguish from true human hair wigs.

Shopping for a good cheap wig that is meant for longer-term wear will generally involve comparing a variety of different wigs and styles. It is almost always best to shop for this type of cheap wig in person, if at all possible, as this sort of wig should be tried on. Ideally, a cheap wig for extended wear should look natural on the person who will be wearing it in all lighting conditions. Comfort and fit are even more important when shopping for this sort of cheap wig than when looking for a costume wig. Ideally, a wig meant for everyday wear should be able to be styled and worn in several different ways, as well.


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