How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Pillow Case?

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Choosing a cheap pillow case is a process that typically involves attempting to find a balance between quality and price that the consumer can reasonably afford. While it is possible to purchase pillow cases at very low prices, it is important to remember that the goal is to avoid inferior quality even while keeping the cost of the case in line with the household budget. Buying a cheap pillow case that is likely to hold up well over time can be managed by not only thinking in terms of price, but also the type of material used and the total thread count of that material.

One of the first considerations when considering a cheap pillow case is to identify the type of material used to create the product. Typically, the idea is to go with blend that will wear well over time, retain the color of the dye, and in general not look as if it were several years old after the first wash. When evaluating different fiber blends, keep in mind that a combination of natural and synthetic blends are often common with less expensive bedding products, although it is possible to find all cotton pillow cases are relatively low prices.


Along with the types of fibers used in the material, it is also important to consider the thread count found in the cheap pillow case. The thread count provides valuable clues regarding the density of the material itself. A lower thread count means less density, which in turn means the material may not hold up well to repeated use. A higher thread count means more density that translates into a sturdier product. Depending on the fibers used to create the pillow case, a higher thread count often means a smoother texture that will make using the case a much more pleasant experience.

Price is also a consideration when buying a cheap pillow case. Decide which type of fiber blends you are willing to consider. Also take the time to set a minimum thread count that is considered acceptable. From there, compare options at a number of different retail outlets. Keep in mind that you may find what you need in an upscale bed and bath store by checking the bargain bins. At the same time, discount retail stores may have cheap pillow case sets with higher thread counts at very affordable prices. As much as possible, balance quality with price, and it will be easier to avoid having to replace those cheap pillow case sets so frequently, allowing you to enjoy greater benefits from the purchase.


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Post 3

I have an idea for those in need of cheap pillow cases: make your own!

A pillow case is not difficult to make, especially the standard, bag style pillow case. Anyone who is good with a sewing machine can buy bulk fabric suitable for this project and make their own.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I don't agree with you. I agree that synthetic fabrics are not good, but cotton or a cotton mix is good.

Some cotton pillow cases are affordable because all cotton is not the same. There are different types and grades of cotton. Some cotton is much cheaper than others. So fabric made from the cheaper cotton will also be cheaper. These cotton fabrics still have the benefits of being durable, easy to clean and absorbing sweat during sleep.

The downside is that they may not be as soft as the best quality cotton fabric. But for many people, the difference is not very noticeable. So when we say cotton pillow cases, one need not think of a pillow case made of the best quality Egyptian cotton. American cotton is fine and it's affordable.

Post 1

Unfortunately, cheap and quality don't really go together. If something is cheap, it's probably poor quality unless one gets the product wholesale or on discount.

Very cheap pillow cases will usually be made of synthetic fabrics which are very unhealthy. They don't absorb sweat, they are difficult to clean and will not last long. So I think that it's better to save some money and get good quality pillow cases. Pillow cases are very important and an affect a person's sleep quality and experience greatly.

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