How do I Choose the Best Cheap Flatware?

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Although cheap flatware that’s lightweight and easy to find is available, understanding the difference between forged stainless steel and die cut metal is important. This knowledge can mean finding the best eating utensils for a reasonable price. Poor quality cheap flatware is made from low grade metals that won’t last as long as an inexpensive forged stainless steel flatware set. It’s crucial to consider the value you’re getting for the price when you buy cheap flatware.

The first thing to look for is flatware with a thickness and weight to it. Lightweight cheap flatware that may be sold loose or in sets is die-cut, or punched, out of low quality metal that tends to discolor. Read labels to check for forged stainless steel. As it wears, non-forged extra cheap flatware tends to get pits, or tiny holes, that trap food and bacteria. Forged stainless steel flatware, on the other hand, usually stays smooth, resists pitting and is easy to clean.

Although forged stainless steel flatware costs a little more than cheaply made die-cut cutlery, it’s still quite cheap – especially when you consider it’s more hygienic and still likely to be used daily. Most flatware sets include dinner forks as well as smaller ones to use for salads and desserts. Both large and small spoons are usually also included in a flatware set. Dinner knives complete each set.


While forged stainless steel provides good, inexpensive value for daily use, sterling silver is an elegant, expensive option for special events. Sterling silver cutlery shouldn’t be purchased as cheap flatware, because it should be of extremely good quality that lasts. Many families hand down sterling silver flatware through generations. Whereas stainless steel flatware doesn’t require polishing, sterling silver tableware does. A paste of baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar is an alternative to harsh commercial polishes.

Some cheap flatware sets are very appealing as they feature colorful plastic handles and often come with a cutlery holder or caddy. Unless the metal is forged stainless steel, these types of flatware sets may discolor and become pitted. Although the cost of these attractive sets is usually low, they don’t tend to last long and oftentimes the plastic handles become detached or break.

Look for quality stainless steel flatware at the best price you can find. Decide whether your tastes run from simple or ornate, floral to geometric or romantic to practical. There are many attractive stainless steel flatware designs from which to choose. Your dishware and table linens can guide your choice of which cutlery set is the best buy for your home.


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Post 2

@Grivusangel -- For real. Apparently, the writer has never met a group of bachelor males living in their own place. Good flatware is wasted on them. These guys will use knives for screwdrivers, and forks to do plumbing work. The last thing they need is good flatware. The set with plastic handles at the dollar store is about as much as they need.

When they get married, their spouses will register for good flatware.

Post 1

If you're a dorm student or living in your first apartment, don't splurge on good flatware. It's going to get lost or eaten by the garbage disposal, and you want something you can replace easily. Cheap flatware has its uses, one of them being that it's great for people just starting out. If I had just moved in to my own apartment, my splurge item would be good sheets. Nothing replaces the feel of really nice sheets.

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