How Do I Choose the Best Cheap File Cabinet?

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You have two general options for buying a cheap file cabinet: you can buy a new cabinet that is lower quality than others, or you can buy a used cabinet that is a decent quality but may feature some imperfections. In either case, you will need to inspect the unit carefully to ensure the cheap file cabinet will not fall apart or otherwise fail to perform in a manner consistent with your needs. Look for secondhand furniture stores or surplus stores in your area that may carry cabinets; they will often have good quality cabinets, new and used, for a low price.

When you choose a cheap file cabinet, be sure to find one that will be high-quality enough to be stable and useful. Think about how many files you need to store, as this will dictate how large of a unit you need. Consider, too, the space in which you intend to place the unit. Sometimes a vertical cabinet will work best, while in other situations a horizontal cabinet may be preferable. Take careful measurements of the space in which you intend to place the cheap file cabinet so you know what size and shape will be most appropriate for you.


Used cabinets tend to be less expensive because they are likely to feature cosmetic imperfections, dents, or other problems that make them undesirable for certain settings. If you will be storing important documents, be sure the cheap file cabinet has a functioning lock. Many cabinets have reduced prices because the lock does not function or is missing a key. You will want to avoid such cabinets if you are storing documents that need to be locked. Otherwise, a cabinet without a lock may suit your needs perfectly and will end up saving you money.

The materials used to make a cheap file cabinet will have an effect on the price as well. Most cabinets are made of steel because steel is generally inexpensive and durable, though other cabinets may be made from wood. A particle board file cabinet is inexpensive, and it can feature a veneer that makes it reasonably attractive. Keep in mind, however, that such a cheap file cabinet will tend to break down fairly easily, as particle board is not exceptionally durable. It can also be damaged from impact, and it can begin to wobble after time as screws or bolts loosen up.


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