How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Elliptical?

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Elliptical trainers can be a good way to get in shape and tone muscles in the legs and arms, but it also can be an expensive proposition to purchase one for the home or pay a monthly gym membership fee to access the equipment. Finding a good, cheap elliptical can be time consuming, but the end result — a low-cost workout that a person can perform in the comfort and security of his own home — may be worth the effort. Shoppers can look for discounted elliptical trainers online or at local fitness stores. They also may wish to look for used trainers at garage sales or in classified ads. Buyers should look for reliable trainers that they can use comfortably and safely.

New elliptical trainers are available from a variety of sources. While gym-quality machines can be fairly expensive, some lower-cost options can be found at department and warehouse stores. When buying a new cheap elliptical, the buyer should look for a demonstration model in the store that he can test out to determine if the model is appropriate for his needs. The buyer also may wish to locate the model he wants in a physical store and try it out before searching online for the best prices on that unit. Some stores may offer discounted models during the Christmas shopping season.


Another way of getting a good cheap elliptical is to buy a used model. Many people buy trainers to get in shape but ultimately find that they do not have the time or dedication to actually use the device on a regular basis. Some ellipticals available at garage sales or from classified ads may have only been used a few times. Some people also may donate unused fitness equipment to charity, so prospective buyers may wish to check out any local charitable retail centers for a good bargain on a cheap elliptical. Buyers should remember that they will need a way to transport the assembled trainer to their home and may need to rent a truck or borrow one from a friend or relative.

Whether the buyer is buying new or used, he should look for a cheap elliptical trainer that he can use effectively. Buyers should verify that the models they are considering will support their weight. The elliptical should be of sturdy construction and not wobble during the workout. Used or demonstration models should be inspected for damage from excessive wear and tear. Buyers should keep in mind that moving an already assembled elliptical can result in damage to the machine, so they should use caution during transportation and installation.


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Every so often, gyms sell their old equipment to make room for the latest models. You might want to check around at these facilities before you buy an elliptical just in case there is one available at a low price.

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Most stores that sell fitness training equipment like ellipticals offer special sales several times each year. These are the best times to shop if you are looking for an elliptical, because you may be able to find a great deal on even the most expensive models.

The first of the year is the season that many people are trying to get in shape to fulfill their New Year's resolutions. Since people are in the market for fitness items, there are usually a lot of sales this time of year. Late summer is also a good time to shop for an elliptical, because fitness stores often have clearance sales during this time to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

You may find some good deals on ellipticals during Christmastime, but the prices won't likely be as good as they will be if you just wait a few weeks to shop for one.

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