How do I Choose the Best Cheap Bookshelf?

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Choosing the best cheap bookshelf is largely a matter of appearance and durability. If you are only concerned about price, building your own makeshift unit might be a viable option. For something more stylish, or if you don’t want to build one, buying a used bookshelf is also an option. If neither of those options is appealing, there are a wide variety of bookshelves available in different sizes and styles that are new, cheaper, and easily available.

Probably the easiest way to get a cheap bookshelf is to buy a used one. Yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and free online message boards often sell bookshelves for cheap. The only drawback is that they are worn and might be incomplete, such as missing a screw or shelf.

Depending on your needs, building a bookshelf can be a cheap way to go. Putting boards on top of some type of support, such as cinder blocks, can give you a functional, cheap bookshelf. You can often find the materials to build a bookshelf for free or purchase them relatively cheaply. If you choose to build a more elaborate bookshelf the price might go up, but it can still be cheaper than buying a newer one.


For those who want a newer, but cheap bookshelf, many discount retail stores offer pre-made units. These types of bookshelves are usually made from particle board, a cheap but relatively durable wood made from compressed wood chips. Other types of these shelves are made from metal, although they tend to cost a bit more.

Pre-made shelves usually come in pieces and require some sort of assembly. They usually take no more than an hour or so to assemble and often come with their own small tools. One advantage to buying this type of bookshelf is that you can pick and choose a color and style that suits your needs. The disadvantage is that they might not be as good a quality a material as one you can buy used, although they are not as worn.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a newer cheap bookshelf is its resale value. Unless the bookshelf you bought was made of better quality material, perhaps you bought it on sale, it will not sell for much if you are going to resell it. You may only get a fraction of the price that you paid for it, as there are many cheap bookshelves available.


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Post 2

The article is correct about the point it makes that you can build your own bookshelf that won't cost a lot of money. Quite often, the wood you will need to make your own will be much less expensive than buying a bookshelf that is already put together.

All you need is a few boards and some nails if you want a basic bookshelf. You can use as many or as few boards as you like, depending on how many books you need to put on it.

You don't have to spend a lot money on the wood you use to make your bookshelf, either. The cheapest wood you can find will suffice. If it is drab or doesn't match other types of wood in your house, you can put a coat of paint on it to spruce it up.

Post 1

Most retail stores have very cheap bookshelves in their furniture departments. Though they aren't very fancy, they do the job. You can always get one that is cheap and dress it up to match your home decor by painting or staining it.

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