How do I Choose the Best Charger Pad?

Troy Holmes

A charger pad is a relatively new form of battery charger designed for charging cell phones and other mobile devices. Selecting the best type of pad typically depends on the price and number of devices that require simultaneous charging. These pads are available for specific devices or in a universal version that supports many products.

iPhone® and Droid® charger pads include both a charging case and a charging pad.
iPhone® and Droid® charger pads include both a charging case and a charging pad.

Some charger pads are specifically designed for the iPhone® and Droid ® smartphones. These are single-unit chargers that include both a charging case and charging pad. The smartphone charger pad is size of a standard phone and can easily fit in a backpack or small purse.

The wireless charger pad is based on magnetic energy transfer. These charger pads do not require electricity and can charge multiple devices on a single pad unit. The pads do require special charger cases that surround the mobile device being charged.

Charger pads are available in either multiple- or single-charger units. These can be easily stored on a desk or home office space. When selecting a charging unit, it is important to determine how many devices will require simultaneous charging. Large units are more expensive and unnecessary for a single charging device.

Using a charger pad is different than a standard electronic charger. These pads don’t require electronic plugs or wires and can be used on any flat surface. The pad uses a special case for each device that converts the magnetic energy of the charger into electronic power.

A charger pad has a unique style and presentation. Most pads are available with either a black or gray texture over a rectangle board area. These pads range in size, but can easily fit on a small desktop or dashboard of a car.

Special charger pads also are specifically designed for laptops. These pads use a charger disc that is connected to the USB port of the laptop. The disc is placed on the charger pad, where energy is transferred into the laptop battery through the USB cord. This charging option is convenient for business travelers and students who may not have active power strips available.

Charger pads can also be used for charging game machines including Nintendo®, PSP® and Game Boy® machines. These pads use special cases that are designed specifically for the game machines. The wireless pads are an excellent choice for road travel because they ensure the games remain fully charged for long trips.

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