How do I Choose the Best Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney?

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The first rule in choosing the best Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney is to choose one who specializes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy law cases. If you know of another person or business that has filed for bankruptcy protection, ask the individual or owner for a referral. This information can also be obtained by researching the public record for a particular bankruptcy proceeding. When considering candidates, research each one’s history and background as an attorney to be sure that she or he operates ethically and is qualified to handle your legal needs. Choose the Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney with the most experience, best reputation and with the best track record of helping businesses or individuals reorganize debt.

Choosing an attorney who specializes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy law may seem obvious to some people. It is not uncommon, however, for some to assume that anyone with a license to practice law can be called upon to provide bankruptcy law and filing assistance. Filing and litigating a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case calls for specialized experience in this area, so only select an attorney with a successful history of handling bankruptcy law cases and, if possible, choose one who specifically specializes in Chapter 11 bankruptcies.


If you do not personally know a bankruptcy attorney, ask for referrals from other attorneys or from individuals who may have used a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney for other proceedings. Be aware that although many law firms advertise on television and in telephone directories, all may not be as reputable, experienced or as successful as they claim to be. Hiring a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney is a very expensive relationship, as is filing all of the necessary paperwork to be granted bankruptcy protection. Whether you select a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney based on a personal recommendation or you select one based on an advertisement, be sure to diligently research the attorney’s background and reputation before making the final decision to retain her or his services.

In order to practice law anywhere in the United States, attorneys must pass a bar exam for the state where they do business. When considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, you may check with the local bar to be sure that the attorney’s credentials are up to date and that there aren’t any serious lawsuits or allegations pending against the attorney or the firm the attorney works with. Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection involves your business’ assets or, if you are an individual filing, a significant amount of assets. Only, therefore, choose a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney with the highest ethics, a great deal of experience in negotiating or litigating with creditors, and who has a successful track record in both.


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