How Do I Choose the Best Champagne Bucket?

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A champagne bucket is an essential method of keeping the bottle cool, as this type of beverage cannot be re-corked like wine. When choosing a bucket, you should first choose a size that can fit multiple variations of champagne bottles. Most holders are made from plastic or steel, but you can purchase a better quality material if your budget allows for it. Champagne should be cooled near freezing, so you might consider choosing a bucket that has a temperature controller. Another champagne bucket option is one that is engraved, and this kind is the best choice for special occasions, or as a gift.

The first factor in choosing the best champagne bucket is to determine how much of the sparkling wine you would like to chill at one time. Standard buckets chill one bottle at a time, while others are designed for two or three. One-bottle buckets also range in different sizes, so you will want to choose a brand that will fit the kind of champagne that you purchase the most.


Another variation in champagne holders is the materials from which the buckets are made. Some of the most popular ones are plastic because they are the least expensive. The downside to plastic ice buckets is that they are not durable over the long-term, so you should choose a steel version if you plan on using the holder often. A large budget can allot you a bucket with design work around it, or you can even splurge for a crystal version.

In order to keep sparkling wine at a consistent temperature, you might consider choosing a bucket with a gauge. The purpose of a having an ice bucket for champagne is so that the product stays cool while people consume it — many people make the mistake of not adding enough cubes to the holder, causing the sparkling wine to warm. By choosing a champagne bucket with a temperature gauge, you do not have to worry about constantly checking for ice in the holder because the gadget displays a continuous reading. For the best results, champagne should be kept at 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius).

Engraved ice buckets are a great complement for sparkling wine, and this is one of the best choices for gifts. Anniversaries, birthdays, and special holidays are all examples of occasions in which you can give this kind of champagne bucket. Most of these buckets are either made out of glass or crystal, so it is important that you handle the product with care so that it will last for years to come.


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