How do I Choose the Best Chakra Meditation Music?

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When choosing chakra meditation music, you should consider what music you personally find relaxing, while also ensuring you do not choose music that is too distracting. You can look for music specifically made to assist in chakra meditation, or use other music you personally find helpful regardless of why it was made. Since certain sounds and tones are often associated with specific chakras, however, you may find it more useful to choose music designed to assist you in your meditation. You should try out different chakra meditation music as you look for the music that is best for you.

Chakra meditation music is music a person listens to while meditating, especially while in meditation to assist in opening the person’s chakras. There are seven locations on a person’s body in which his or her energy naturally focuses, and these locations are called chakras. Through meditation and exercises, such as kundalini yoga, a person can focus his or her energy into these chakras, “awakening” them and better channeling his or her own energy. The use of chakra meditation music for this type of exercise can be quite beneficial, though the right music should be chosen.


You should typically choose chakra meditation music based on what you find the most rewarding through trying out different types of music as you meditate. In general, it can be best to choose music created to assist you in meditation, especially in chakra meditation or awakening. Each chakra is associated with particular colors, physiological locations on the body, and sounds. This means you can choose chakra meditation music that utilizes the sounds and musical keys associated with particular chakras, which can help you focus on and align your chakras more easily.

The best chakra meditation music for you should also be music that does not distract you from your meditation, and instead enhances your ability to calm your mind and reach a state of deep meditation. Music with lyrics, for example, can often be detrimental to the process of meditation since you may be likely to begin listening to the lyrics and thinking about the meaning of the words, rather than focusing on your meditation. If you look for music specifically designed for use in chakra meditation, then you should look for an album that features seven different tracks, one for each chakra. This can be beneficial since it allows you to play a particular track if you are trying to awaken or align a specific chakra.


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