How Do I Choose the Best Cereal Holder?

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Selecting the best cereal holder usually means choosing the one that will keep cereal fresh for longest. It may also involve selecting a container that allows you to easily identify the type of cereal it holds and the ease with which you can pour cereal when selecting a container. Additionally, the amount of storage space a container takes up may influence your choice.

Proper storage of cereal means keeping it in a cool location and ensuring that it stays dry. When choosing the best cereal holder, one of the most important factors is making sure you have an airtight seal. This will ensure that your cereal isn’t exposed to air and moisture from your indoor environment that could cause it to become stale faster than normal. While you can use a bag clip inside a storage container to keep the cereal sealed, many people prefer to pour the cereal directly into a container instead. If you have the same preference, an airtight container may prove even more important.


If you will store more than one type of cereal at a time, you will most likely want a clear or opaque container. This way, you can easily see which type of cereal is in each container without opening it. This can prove especially helpful if more than one person in your household will consume the cereal on a daily basis. Using a see-through container helps ensure that the cereal holder won’t be opened multiple times each day just to see what is inside. With less exposure to the air in your home, the cereal in your container will likely stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Since cereal holders take up space in your refrigerator, kitchen, or pantry, you might also choose one based on its shape. Rounded and oval-shaped cereal holders take up the most space while rectangular holders typically require less storage room. Choosing a rectangular-shaped cereal holder may prove particularly helpful if you will use multiple containers to hold different types of cereal. You can place rectangular containers side by side and still have room in your cabinets for other things.

When you are considering storage for your cereal, you may also factor in the ease with which you will be able to pour it. Many cereal holders have spouts built in so that you can pour the cereal without taking the lid off. When selecting one, you may compare them based on the size of the hole through which the cereal will pour, as you will likely want to ensure that the types of cereal you buy won’t get stuck in the spout. You may also want a spout that is easy to open and then close again once you’ve poured your cereal.


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