How do I Choose the Best Ceramic Tile Patterns?

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When choosing between ceramic tile patterns, it is important to consider the aesthetics of the area where the tile will be installed. Not only should you consider the size of the space and the intended color scheme, but also the general mood of the room as well as the room's purpose. The same is true if you, instead of tiling a room, are planning to tile a hallway, entry way, or outdoor space.

Let's begin with a consideration of the size of the space that you plan to tile. If the tile is going to be part of a very large space such as an event room, long hallway, or outdoor pool area, then you may consider going with a larger, bolder pattern. However, if the space is small, you probably want to go with a smaller pattern. You can customize the size of the components of ceramic tile patterns by cutting the tiles to make the shape that you desire.

Next, the color scheme of a room must be considered. Let's say that you are planning on tiling your bathroom floor and that your commode, sink, and bathtub are all lavender but your walls, towels, and accoutrements are all pale yellow. You can choose a ceramic tile pattern that includes these two main colors. If you also have a few bottle green dashes of color in your bathroom, you could add just a hint of this color into your pattern.


Alternatively, you could choose to go with a plain, all white pattern to give a clean look to your floor. Another choice, of course, is to punch up the vibrancy of your color scheme by adding another color completely. You could consider ceramic tile patterns that were predominantly sapphire blue, for example, with just a few touches of the other main colors in the room.

The mood and purpose of a room is also important to consider. If you are planing on tiling a fireplace, for example, you should consider the use of your living room. If your living room is a place where you enjoy quiet time, reading, and relaxing crafts, you may want to look at ceramic tile patterns that are less busy and blend in naturally with the rest of the room. If, on the other hand, you regularly use your living room for entertainment, consider ceramic tile patterns that are more vibrant and lively.


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Post 2

Don’t forget, too, when you choose your ceramic tile pattern to think about the grout that you’re going to be using. Some people suggest to go with darker colors of grout no matter what color the tile is so that dirt and grime don’t show as much. Personally, that just looks a little dingy all of the time to me - I mean, white tile with dark gray grout? However, I have seen a backsplash that was a black and cream wall tile pattern with a black grout that was pretty darn awesome.

Post 1

Choosing a ceramic tile pattern is really incredibly important because ceramic is supposed to last a long, long time. Although I love bold colors, it just seems wise to go with some neutral tones when installing something that is a little more long lasting than paint or curtains. I mean, it only takes a few bucks and a few minutes to throw out an old set of drapes and put up some new sheers or valances. But ceramic tile lasts forever – well, almost. I’ve got to say, though, that when I’ve been to other’s homes and they took that bold color chance it was just a feast for the eyes.

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