How Do I Choose the Best Ceramic Kettle?

Solomon Branch

A ceramic kettle is considered one of the best kettles for making hot water and tea. It doesn’t alter the taste of the contents, unlike some kettles made of other materials. Choosing the best one is a matter of finding one that is made with pure ceramics and is glazed with non-reactive material. You also have a choice of kettles that are electric or can be used on a stove top. Other than that, the choice for the best ceramic kettle is largely aesthetic.

Some ceramic kettles are designed for stove top use.
Some ceramic kettles are designed for stove top use.

Ceramic kettles are often the preferred type of kettle over kettles made of stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron or aluminum, which either change the taste of the contents of the kettle or are very heavy. Ceramics are similar to porcelain but are much cheaper. A ceramic kettle is light, easy to clean and usually portable.

A ceramic kettle is best for making hot tea.
A ceramic kettle is best for making hot tea.

Find a ceramic kettle that is made of pure ceramics and not mixed with anything else, such as lead. Make sure that the glaze used is non-reactive so it won’t leech into the contents of the kettle. A good ceramic kettle manufacturer will list how the kettle is made and the contents of the ceramics.

Most ceramic kettles are electric, although there are kettles that are made for use on the stove top. There are electric kettles that actually plug directly into the body of the kettle, but most will come with a base that heats the ceramic kettle. The base usually is detachable from the actual kettle and offers more portability. Most electric ceramic kettles are smooth-surfaced, but some of the stove top models are not. Make sure to avoid a kettle with any cracks or crevices on the surface, because that can be a good place for germs or bacteria to accumulate.

There is a fairly broad range of designs and colors available. Most electric kettles are black or white, but they often come with designs on them. Ceramic kettles are very popular in Asia, so you will find many with Asian or Oriental designs on them.

If you are looking for something handmade, there are many ceramic kettles available online or in ceramic stores. If you do buy one that is handmade, be sure to verify if it can be used on a stove top to heat water, if that is on way in which you are going to use it. The term "kettle" is often interchanged with the term "teapot;" typically, teapots are used only to serve hot water or tea and will crack if they are placed on a stove or heater.

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