How Do I Choose the Best Centerpiece Bowls?

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Choosing centerpiece bowls can be an important part of crafting a finished table. Bowls are an excellent choice for centerpieces, as they are generally inexpensive and come in hundreds of interesting, decorative varieties. In order to choose the best centerpiece bowls, consider the proportion of the table, look for bowls that match the tone and atmosphere, check for wholesale options, and think about versatility.

One key to choosing great centerpiece bowls is considering how the bowl will fit into the overall dimensions of the table. On a large dining room table, a tiny centerpiece bowl will appear insignificant and out of place, while a bulky bowl on a small cocktail table is highly impractical. In addition to considering the table space the bowl takes up, also examine the height of the bowl as compared to the seating arrangements. A towering centerpiece can be beautiful, but can make it difficult for guests to see one another over the top.


With so many different types of bowls available, it helps to consider the style and atmosphere of the surrounding location. If centerpieces are needed for a wedding, look for ones that coordinate with the couple's personal tastes. Asymmetrical glass or tall cylinders might be great for a modern couple, while tropical hurricane glasses better suit a couple having a beach-themed wedding. For a centerpiece at home, consider the style of the kitchen or dining room. For retro lovers, consider using mid-century bubble glass, for a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, think about a handmade ceramic bowl.

A great way to get value out of a centerpiece bowl is to search for wholesale options. Since centerpieces are often in demand for large-scale events, they may be available for significant discounts from decorative wholesale merchants. While buying the bowls in bulk can usually bring the best discounts, even single centerpiece bowls may be cheaper from a wedding supplier or wholesale florist. Check with wholesale companies to make sure they are open to the public, or, if they cater primarily to professionals, if they offer any public sales.

Even if centerpiece bowls are intended for a wedding or other large event, they can be reused a hundred times or more if they are versatile pieces. When choosing bowls, look for styles that are timeless and allow for customization. Clear or lightly tinted glass bowls can be a good option, since they can be filled with different decorative elements as the seasons and events change. The same bowl that holds sand and candles in July can easily hold autumn fruits, Valentine's Day candies, or Christmas ornaments as desired. Choosing a versatile centerpiece bowl allows the decorator to provide a fresh look with little fuss or added expense.


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