How Do I Choose the Best Cellulite Pills?

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There are many cellulite pills on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but most of the products have not been tested by official agencies or research firms that can show the effectiveness of the pills. Many people choose to buy prepackaged cellulite pill packets that contain a variety of natural herbs and oils. Another popular option is taking weight loss pills to reduce the amount of fat in the body, which is the primary cause of cellulite. Other nutritionists suggest a multi-vitamin or certain vitamins, along with lifestyle changes, to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is condition that causes the skin to look lumpy or wrinkled, and some people describe it as looking similar to the skin of an orange. The connective tissues under the person’s top layer of skin are stretched as a person ages and the skin becomes less elastic. This is coupled with the build up of fat deposits and fluid under the skin, which creates the dimpled and lumpy appearance. Men and women both can get cellulite, but women are much more susceptible to developing it because a woman’s connective tissue is more likely to show the fat buildup. Cellulite is not always a condition associated with obesity, and many thin people are affected.


Prepackaged cellulite pills contain a variety of natural herbs, minerals, and nutrients that claim to remove the fat deposits beneath the layer of connective tissue by increasing the person’s metabolism and fat-burning rate. Pills usually contain supplements such as gingko biloba, sweet clover, seed oil, grape seed extract, and cayenne pepper. Cellulite pills also might contain vitamins A, B12, C, and E, and these packets are usually taken two to three times daily with food. The mixture of the various different pills can help to attack the numerous ways that the body naturally stores fat. These supplements can be fairly expensive, and depending on the severity of the person’s cellulite they may not provide effective results.

Some cellulite pills come as one pill that contains various different ingredients. One cellulite pill on the market has a mixture of green tea, pine bark, and calcium. Another pill sold contains a mixture of butchers broom, bladderwrack, borage oil, and gigo biloba. Gotu kola is another herb marketed as a type of cellulite pill that helps the body produce more of the connective tissues that have been stretched or broken during the aging process. A person should consult a physician to make sure that the mixture of these ingredients will not interfere with other medications he or she is taking.


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