How Do I Choose the Best Celery Seed?

Sara Schmidt

When purchasing celery seed, it is important to select products that are fresh for the best flavor and cooking results. Individual preference may make a difference between different brands of celery seed, as well. Buyers should also be aware that celery seed may be sold under the name Apium graveolens.

Used as an herb in a number of dishes, celery seed is tiny and oval shaped.
Used as an herb in a number of dishes, celery seed is tiny and oval shaped.

Fresh celery seed should be tiny and oval in shape. Its color should be a light brown. Slight color variation may occur, but the best seed should not be too dark or light in color. Most of this seed is grown in India and France, so sellers that list these sources on their products may be more reputable. Fresh products should also taste similar to the plant they come from, with an overall warm, yet slightly bitter flavor.

The best celery seed can be subjective to the buyer. People who use celery seeds in their cooking or as herbal supplements should experiment with different trusted brands and sources to determine which type they prefer. Though each may be very similar, some may have a fresher taste, or simply be more affordable. Packaging, which can vary from a sealed plastic package to a glass or plastic jar, may affect the price as well.

Celery seed is a very inexpensive herb. Costlier varieties do not guarantee a better product. Using a trusted source of herbs and foods, such as a grocery store with a good reputation, is a good way to ensure that the seed will be of good quality. Like any other herb, it should be in a tightly sealed container to ensure freshness.

Should a buyer decide to purchase the seed online, it can be beneficial to read over consumer reviews prior to making a purchase. This will help the buyer weed out sellers with inferior products or poor service. He or she can also view a wide variety of prices from different sellers this way to ensure that the cost is fair.

If choosing a celery seed supplement, the source should be a reputable one with positive reviews and a long history of providing quality supplements. The supplements may be purchased in tablet, capsule, or extract form. Buyers should choose which one of these options is preferable to them. These may not be available in general supermarkets or grocery stores, so purchasers may want to look for them in health food stores or online herbal remedy sellers. Celery seed supplements that are damaged or opened should not be purchased in order to ensure their best quality and safety.

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