How do I Choose the Best CD Stereo?

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If you are looking for a new CD stereo for your home, there are a few details to consider before you spend the money. One of the first factors to think about is the size of the stereo, which should include the number of CDs it can play without you switching out the disc. Consider the number of audio outputs as well, as you will need a few if you plan to hook up speakers. Finally, think about wattage before you buy, as stereos that boast higher wattage are usually more powerful.

Choosing the size of the CD stereo typically requires that you take into account the possible uses for it. For example, if you just need a stereo so that you can listen to CDs while relaxing at home or working on the computer in a home office, a smaller portable stereo that plays a single CD at a time should suffice. On the other hand, if you plan to have parties or large events at your home, which often require varied music selections, a larger stereo that can fit several CDs is likely better. This way, you can press a single button to switch to a different CD, rather than having to change it each time you want a new set of songs.


If you are looking for a simple CD stereo that will just play music for your enjoyment, audio outputs are not usually important. Of course, if you want to play your music loud and hear every note or change in pitch, you will need to hook up speakers. Most audiophiles opt for this route since it allows for quality listening; remember that headphones are another option to solve this problem. Buying a stereo with several audio outputs will allow you to hook up a few speakers and a subwoofer, which can allow you to have some bass when you play your music. If you are still not sure whether you will add speakers or other components, consider buying a stereo with just a few audio outputs so that you have the option to add speakers in the future without having to buy a new system.

Wattage is another important detail when it comes to the quality of music. If you ever plan to turn the music up in your home, you will want a CD stereo that has a lot of wattage, as a higher amount will allow you to listen to music loudly without sacrificing the quality of the sound. Choosing a CD stereo with low wattage may result in music that sounds tinny or low quality in general when you turn it up.


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