How Do I Choose the Best Carrot Chips?

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Carrot chips are an alternative to fried potato versions, and they can be purchased from restaurants or made at home. The healthiest way to make this side dish is to bake the carrots with salt in the oven. Another way to cook the carrot chips is to fry them with some olive oil. If you plan on making the dish at home, you can save time by purchasing raw carrots that are already cut into the desired shapes that you want. No matter which carrot chips you choose, you should keep in mind that adding certain condiments can decrease the overall health factor of this particular kind of snack.

Healthier snack foods often consist of vegetables, but some people find raw versions to be boring. Carrot chips are a different twist on the vegetable, and they are generally healthier than potato versions because of the way they are cooked. This carrot dish is relatively easy to make at home, so you might want to choose this route over commercial versions in order to save money.


The best way to make carrot chips is to bake them in the oven as opposed to frying them. Salt is usually added to the chips, but you can also add a dash of pepper and some olive oil if you desire. The baking time varies depending on how many carrots you are cooking, but it can take up to one hour. Frying carrots is another way to make the chips, but you will want to ensure that you use olive oil instead of a vegetable version because it is healthier.

Homemade carrot chips are relatively easy to make at home as long as you have properly cut the vegetables. Thin slices of carrots work best because they cook faster, but there are still variations in terms of the length and width of the chips. In order to save time, you might consider purchasing pre-cut carrots from your grocer’s produce section. The best ones are cut into round slices — do not use baby carrots because they are too thick.

Condiments, such as ranch dressing, are often served with carrot chips in restaurants. Although such sides can complement the taste of the vegetable, they are likely to decrease the nutritional value of the snack. It is best to avoid condiments and to instead add a dash of salt or pepper to the chips as needed. Quality carrot chips are never served with condiments on top of them because this decreases the food’s crunchiness.


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You don't want to use olive oil for frying, unless you're doing pan frying instead of deep frying, because olive oil has a low smoke point and it can actually turn unhealthy very quickly if you do it wrong.

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