How do I Choose the Best Carpet Dealers?

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There are literally thousands of carpet dealers around the globe. Therefore, selecting the one carpet dealer that you want to do business with can be a tiresome task. The best way to go about choosing a carpet dealer is to educate yourself regarding the type of carpet that you want to purchase. Once you have read extensively on the carpet you are seeking, you can then start to look for carpet dealers in your area.

While searching for carpet dealers on the Internet is a good way to learn about companies in your area, you may be missing out on retailers that do not have websites. Frequently, the cost of building a website and advertising is high, which may mean that not all carpet dealers can be found with an Internet search. In order to find all the dealers near you, take the time to look on the Internet, in local newspapers, and in your local phone book.

Next, deal locally. You might find a better deal online, but it's hard to choose a carpet unless you can see it first. If you do decide that an Internet deal is too good to pass up, be sure to find out about return polices and warranties. Also, consider asking a local dealer to match a price that you have found online. Many local dealers will be happy to work out a price with you in order to gain your business.


Visit with numerous carpet dealers, and make sure to get written price quotes on all carpets that you have your eye on. Take the time to compare carpet quality, price, and service. You'll quickly find that some dealers are more dedicated to customer service than others are. Another way to find reputable carpet dealers is to look at professional websites.

You will find that many contractors and interior designers are more than willing to recommend the services of a carpet dealer in your area. Since these professionals purchase and install carpets frequently, they are often great sources that you can rely upon. You might even discover that some professionals are willing to offer you bits of inside information regarding pricing and rug quality. The more you know about the type and style of carpet that you want to purchase, the better your carpet buying experience will be. As with most other things, it pays to know all about carpets before purchasing one.


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Post 3

As with most businesses, I think getting to know the carpet dealer is really important. A person you know is more likely to treat you fairly, or at least I would like to think this is true. Also, getting to know someone who installs carpet can be a good way to get good deals. These people will sometimes have left over carpet that they are willing to sell cheaply, especially when you get them to install the carpet.

Post 2

There are so many different types of carpets and rugs available that I want a carpet store that has a huge variety to choose from. Like this article says, you want to be able to look at and feel a carpet before you buy it. The more options you have to pick from the better chance you have of getting something you really like, and something you will want to keep for a long time.

Post 1

There was this warehouse near where my grandmother lived when I was growing up that sold used or slightly irregular carpets on Saturday mornings. People would line up outside the doors before the place opened. Then when the doors opened everyone would run in and there would be a big pile or piles of carpets. The first person to grab and stake claim to an individual role could buy it.

This was the warehouse's version of Black Friday I guess. They were ahead of their time. The carpets were very cheap and that's why there was so much competition to get them. You can still get good deals on remnants from some dealers at carpet stores if you can find them.

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