How do I Choose the Best Caregiver Course?

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Choosing the best caregiver course for you depends mainly on where you want to be hired and what classes you’ve completed already. Asking the hiring managers at the companies you hope to work for which caregiver training courses they prefer job applicants to have may be a good start. Requesting information from a hiring manager, rather than asking for a job, is also a good way to network. When you’ve completed the caregiver course recommended to you, applying to that company may be an option if the timing works out well.

If you’re holding down a job and/or have other responsibilities, taking a caregiver course online may be a good idea. You should be sure that the course will meet an employer's qualifications. For example, if you want to become a home health aide and the course is for non-health personnel, it may not give you the experience and qualifications you need.

Finding out your state or area's training requirements for caregivers is crucial in helping you choose the best caregiver course. Courses in ethics and elder abuse may now be needed for aspiring caregivers in addition to skill-based classes in first aid, bathing and toileting. The best caregiver courses are the ones that are going to get you hired.


If you plan on focusing in a caregiver area such as disabled or elderly care, it’s a good idea to contact relevant organizations in your town or city. Most assisted living organizations are quite willing to give out career and training advice to aspiring caregivers. You may be able to find volunteer opportunities here that can help you decide whether this challenging profession is the right one for you.

If you're not planning on a full-time career as a caregiver, but would like to provide care for a few hours to relieve the regular care provider, then a respite care course may be best for you. The programs to train respite caregivers are fairly short and in most cases you can apply the credits to another caregiver course if you later decide to become a professional caregiver.

Caregiver courses that include work placement may be the best choice if you want to begin working in the career right away. If you have other commitments, in many cases you can find a caregiver course during days, nights or weekends — whatever best suits your schedule. Make sure the courses you're considering are state-approved or meet the qualifications for your geographical area.


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There are a lot of schools out their offering caregiver training. f you are looking to work in an assisted living environment then you will want and need "caregiver Certification", also, sometimes called "Personal Care Aide" (PCA).

Really, PCA is just another name for caregiver. They both basically do the same job with reference to assisted living specifically. If you are looking to work as a caregiver in an assisted living home then my suggestion to you is to acquire caregiver certification through the American Caregiver Association (ACA). The ACA is the National Standard for caregiver certification. --Steve L.

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