How do I Choose the Best Cardio DVD?

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Choosing the best cardio DVD means choosing one that is right for one's skill set, and includes workouts in the kind of cardio exercise that one finds most interesting and fun. There are lots of types of cardio exercises from step aerobics to dance routines to yoga programs that are good cardio workouts. It is important to choose a cardio DVD with workout types that one likes. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get motivated to do the workouts and the purchase will be a waste.

Each kind of cardio DVD offers exercises for different skill sets. Someone who is just beginning to learn cardio salsa, for example, will need a DVD with workouts for newcomers to this kind of cardio exercise. Someone who has been practicing cardio strength training for quite a while, on the other hand, can choose a DVD that includes advanced and complex exercises for this kind of cardio workout.


Some people believe that the best kind of cardio DVD is one that includes a number of workouts that span different levels of complexity and difficulty. These kinds of DVDs allow people to progress from beginning level workouts to more difficult workouts as their abilities and strength increase. Also, even people who have advanced skills and high levels of strength can benefit from the easier workouts. These can be used as a warm up or as an exercise routine to follow when one's energy level seems low.

When choosing a cardio DVD it is important to consider whether or not the routines require equipment. Some kinds of cardio workouts such as step aerobics do require equipment. Floor aerobics, on the other hand, do not require any equipment. This is a consideration for some people who do not want to have to purchase any equipment in order to use a cardio DVD. Other people who are interested in types of cardio exercises that require equipment may want to purchase a set of materials that include both the cardio DVD and the equipment.

If it is hard to choose between one cardio DVD and another, perhaps the best choice is a set of DVDs that include workouts in a number of different kinds of cardio exercises. Having access to a few different types of cardio routines is a great way to get some variety in one's exercise plan and work different muscles. These sorts of cardio DVD sets are available from fitness equipment stores and online retailers.


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