How do I Choose the Best Card Organizer?

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Choosing the best card organizer for storing your greeting cards can be done by making your purchase online. Many sites sell organizers with different features. Various types of card storage solutions can also be found at greeting card stores and gift shops. Card organizers may be found in various sizes, so choose one to accommodate your entire collection.

When choosing card organizers, look for those with blank divider tabs so you can personalize them. You may fill them in according to specific occasions or by sender. For instance, one of your divider tabs may read "Cards from Mom and Dad." If the organizer only has pre-labeled dividers, you may be limited in terms of categorizing.

If you enjoy traveling with your card organizer, look for something lightweight and portable. A carrying handle makes it convenient as well. Be sure the size of the organizer is big enough to accommodate your largest greeting cards. Some card organizers are transparent, making it simple to see through without opening the organizer. If you prefer something that offers more privacy, choose a dark color you cannot see through.

If you have a large collection of cards, choose a card organizer that is made to be durable. An organizer that feels cheap and flimsy may cost less, but it may not withstand the weight of your cards. Be sure the bottom part of the organizer is reinforced or it could collapse.


A do-it-yourself (DIY) card organizer can be another option. If you like to create homemade items, consider making an organizer to use as a gift. You'll need a large box or some type of storage container to begin with. This can be made of sturdy cardboard or plastic. Other materials such as glue and felt can be used for decorating your card organizer.

Just as with a store-bought card organizer, you'll want to use dividers for your homemade creation. You can employ a color coding system if you like. Be sure to label the tabs of each divider according to category. For instance, one section may be labeled as "Christmas Cards,' while another gets labeled as "Birthday Cards," and so on.

Your card organizer may be decorated any way you wish. You're only limited by your imagination, so be creative and see what designs you can come up with. For extra personalization, take some photos and glue them to onto your card organizer.


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