How do I Choose the Best Car Seat Tray?

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Traveling with young kids tends to be easier when they have toys or snacks within reach, which is why buying a car seat tray is often advised. Before you choose one, make sure that it is considered safe to use. This means that it should fit your child's car seat, and should be soft enough to avoid causing injury in a car accident. Effective car seat trays can hold items even when driving fast or over rough terrain, so make sure that the one you are considering fits this description. Additionally, you should try to find one with pockets for storage, as this detail can keep baby items organized.

One of the most basic requirements of any car seat tray is a proper fit for your child's car seat. Most tray manufacturers claim that their product fits the majority of forward-facing car seats, but you should still test it out before using it. Forcing a car seat tray to fit may compromise the safety of the seat, and a tray that is too large can render this accessory useless since it will not stay flat. Another detail that affects safety is the material of the tray, as it should be soft enough to prevent injury in the event of a car accident. Some even fold up harmlessly on impact.


The typical safe car seat tray also has the ability to keep items on it while traveling. Most feature soft walls around the flat surface so that food and toys do not slide off. In addition, the majority of trays have at least one cup holder so that your child has constant access to his or her drink. In fact, some also feature a few separate sections that allow children to keep their food or a juice box in one area, and toys in another.

Young children tend to become bored easily, so they might want to switch out their toys often during a long trip in the car. For this reason, some of the most popular car seat trays come with a few pockets on the sides or front, allowing you to fill the tray with toys and snacks for later. This type of car seat tray can keep your child's possessions within reach while also preventing toys and food from being strewn all over the car. Many trays can also be attached to strollers, in which case storage pockets provide an ideal place to put toys and snacks while on-the-go.


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