How do I Choose the Best Car Seat Pillow?

Solomon Branch

Choosing the best car seat pillow depends a lot on what you want to use it for. There are several varieties that can be used for the neck, back, or for general use. Some pillows are made especially for kids or toddlers. Other than function, finding one that is the right firmness and looks good is also important.

Some manufacturers make pillows for toddlers in car seats.
Some manufacturers make pillows for toddlers in car seats.

A car seat pillow made for kids are often the most colorful. There are several types, and the most common are neck, back, or seatbelt pillows. Neck pillows offer a sleeping child support in the car or in their car seat, whereas pillows that wrap around the seatbelt offer support for children to rest their head on. Back pillows for children are not as common, but they do come in styles made for kids.

A neck pillow can be used to support the head and neck of sleeping children.
A neck pillow can be used to support the head and neck of sleeping children.

An important thing to consider for any kind of car seat pillow is the firmness and material. Most pillows are made of foam or similar material. Make sure the pillow offers support and is comfortable. For a child, especially a younger one, a softer material might be more appropriate, as well as choosing one that has a nice design, such as an animal or cartoon character. This will help the child feel more comfortable and more likely to use the pillow.

Car pillows for adult are typically more functional and less colorful than ones made for children, although they are similar. Neck, lumbar, and full-back pillows are available to offer comfort and support, and there are also smaller pillows that can be used for general purposes. Many pillows geared for adults offer more support and come with firmer foam or specialized memory foam that conforms to the rider's shape.

It’s best to test a car seat pillow if you can, especially if you are using it for specialized support. Check it for firmness, comfort, and if it fits the specific area you need. Many pillows can attach to the car seat, whereas others are portable and can be easily moved, so consider that as well.

Although it’s best to check with a specialty store or retail store that offers car seat pillows, there are many available online for purchase. The disadvantage is that you cannot see how the pillow feels or fits online, so if you have to purchase a pillow online, make sure it will fit your needs and is made of a good material. If possible, find online reviews to see how others fared with the pillow you choose.

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