How Do I Choose the Best Car Seat Cushion?

Dan Cavallari

A car seat cushion is a great way to enhance the comfort of your car seat during long drives or regular commutes. When choosing the best one, consider what your particular needs are before purchasing, and think about both your budget and your aesthetic requirements. Some car seat cushion models are ergonomically designed to support the lower back, neck, and shoulders while driving; others feature electric-powered massagers that can enhance comfort during long drives. Still others are basic cushions meant to add just a bit more softness and support. Decide what you are looking for in a cushion before heading to the store.

A good car seat cushion can enhance your comfort on long drives or your regular commute.
A good car seat cushion can enhance your comfort on long drives or your regular commute.

Drivers who are often off-road often may want to consider waterproof car seat cushion models that can be removed and hosed off for easy cleaning. Driving in inclement conditions may not necessarily mean water and dirt will reach the inside of the vehicle, but a driver who gets out of the car during such weather is likely to get wet and dirty, and then track that dirt and moisture back into the vehicle. Off-road vehicles with open tops or removable doors are highly susceptible to dirt and moisture, so waterproof cushions are important.

Car seat cushion preferences might depend on how much actual driving a person intends to do.
Car seat cushion preferences might depend on how much actual driving a person intends to do.

Other drivers who commute long distances every day or who take long trips may want to consider an ergonomic car seat cushion. These cushions are often made of a mesh material for breathability, meaning your back won't sweat due to the excess material. The ergonomic cushion will add extra support to the lower back, neck, and shoulders, which are the three areas of the body most likely to endure undue strain during long drives. Choose one that secures tightly to the seat, and consider a mesh cushion for added comfort. The cushion should prevent the lower back from caving inward toward the seat, and the neck and shoulders should be allowed to rest in a neutral position.

Be sure to choose a cushion that fits the aesthetic of your vehicle's interior. This does not necessarily mean the car seat cushion needs to match the upholstery, but you will want to choose a cushion that does not clash with the other colors of the car. Make sure the cushion features durable materials that will be supportive for long periods of time. Some cushions feature memory foam, which will be supportive and soft as well as resilient. Examine the materials and the stitching to make sure there are no weak points or potential spots where damage can easily occur after regular use.

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Great advice regarding choosing an aesthetically pleasing cushion. It's so important that the cushion looks nice in my car. When I was looking for a seat cushion, I went online and found a red seat cushion that matched the interior of my car.


I am a big fan of seat cushions for cars because I spend a lot of time driving and a good cushion is so much nicer than the seats in my car. It is not even that old of a car but the seats are just miserable. I really didn't notice it when I first drove the car but over a long drive they get really uncomfortable.

I drive almost 700 miles a week so a cushion is crucial.


Where can I find a wide selection of car seat cushions. I know that you can shop for them online but I am looking for a store where I can go and actually sit on a few cushions.

That is what is so frustrating about shopping online. You can't try anything out. You might see a cushion that looks great but then you get it and find that you don't like the way it feels.


Whatever cushion you find the most comfortable is the best car seat cushion. There are a lot out there and they all make some kind of fancy claim to suggest that they are the best, but bottom line, if you don't like sitting on it than it is not doing you any good.

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