How do I Choose the Best Canvas Laundry Bag?

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When choosing a canvas laundry bag for your household, consider its sturdiness, its size, and its portability before making your purchase. While cost is a legitimate concern, a canvas laundry bag should last you a long time, so its suitability to your household may be a more important concern than up-front cost. Canvas laundry bags can make a huge difference in helping you keep your dirty laundry from cluttering your home and making it easier for you to get your laundry done quickly, conveniently, and with minimum risk of losing any clothing items. Don't forget to consider the amount of laundry generated by you or your family when purchasing a laundry bag. In some cases, you may need to purchase several large canvas laundry bags in order to accommodate the amount of clothes that you need to wash on a regular basis.


Using a laundry bag has many advantages. A canvas laundry bag can hold dirty laundry in one place, reducing household clutter and containing unpleasant odors. Unlike plastic or wooden hampers or laundry baskets, the canvas laundry bag can typically be washed along with your laundry and doesn't require separate scrubbing or cleaning. A canvas laundry bag typically has some type of closure, which means that your laundry is not exposed to guests or anyone who happens to see you carrying your laundry from place to place, and may even have a shoulder strap that makes transportation easier. In some cases, a canvas laundry bag is fitted to a metal rolling laundry cart that can be extremely helpful if you are unable to actually carry a laundry bag.

A good canvas laundry bag will be made of thick, tough canvas that can hold heavy laundry and contain laundry odors. The seams of the bag should also be well sewn and tight. Check the position of the laundry bag handle. In some cases, the bag handle may be one and the same as the bag closure. This type of handle can be harder to manage if you have to carry the laundry bag any great distance. You may instead wish to find a laundry bag that has a large strap so that you can sling the laundry bag across your back. On the other hand, if you can't carry anything at all or have to walk your laundry several blocks to a laundromat, you may prefer the type of canvas laundry bag that fits into a laundry cart.


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Post 3

There are so many kinds of canvas laundry baskets available but I found the best space saver is to get one of those pop-up laundry bags. I used to have some of those simple mesh laundry bags scattered around my home but I always found myself tripping over them.

Another good thing about those pop-up laundry bags is that they are cheap and hold a ton of clothes. I like that I can fill one up, do my laundry, then collapse the bag and stick it under my bed until it is no longer needed. It holds enough of its shape that even when it is put away it doesn't get wrapped on anything, which is nice.

Post 2

@Sara007 - There are some boutiques online that sell designer hanging laundry bags out of all sorts of fabrics. Though if you shop from these places you can expect to spend over $60 for a simple cloth bag. While the bags look cute, I am just not sure they are really worth that much money.

I actually made my own laundry bags because it was much more fun to go and pick my own fabrics. All you need to do is search online for a beginner level laundry bag pattern and you should be able to find a pattern for free. Drawstring laundry bags are by far the easiest to make, no matter what the fabric.

Post 1

Does anyone know if there is a place where you can buy cute cotton laundry bags for kids?

I have looked at all sort of canvas laundry hampers in stores and they are all rather plain and boring. Plus, I think they are way too large to put in each of my kids room. I am lucky that my kids don't generate enough laundry to need that big of a bag.

If it isn't possible to buy cute laundry bags do you think they would be easy enough to make at home? I have some pretty basic sewing skills but I do have a sewing machine so I could always go the old trial and error route.

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