How Do I Choose the Best Candida Specialist?

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Candida is a fungus found in the human body. When the amount of good and bad bacteria in the body is thrown off balance, a candida infection can occur. Such an infection in the genitals is known as a yeast infection, while a candida infection in the mouth is called oral thrush. When a person is choosing a candida specialist for treatment, there are a few factors to keep in mind. These include which part of the body is infected, the level of experience the doctor has in working with candida patients, and whether the infection recurs regularly.

A woman experiencing itching, burning and white discharge in her vaginal area may suspect a yeast infection, and she usually is best off using her gynecologist as her candida specialist. Gynecologists can treat most basic yeast infections with a dose of oral medication or anti-fungal vaginal creams. A man who believes he may have a yeast infection should visit his urologist for evaluation. It is typically best for a patient to be examined by a doctor if he or she believes a genital yeast infection is present instead of just reaching for an over-the-counter cream. Yeast infection symptoms can be similar to those of certain sexually transmitted diseases, and seeing a doctor can ensure that a person is being treated for the proper condition.


A person experiencing oral thrush may notice a white coating on his or her tongue. Patients also may experience lip swelling and mouth pain. Most general practitioners and dentists can treat oral thrush by prescribing a liquid, anti-fungal mouthwash.

Women who begin to experience chronic yeast infections and get several each year may need to search a little harder for a candida specialist. A patient with persistent yeast infections should ask her gynecologist for a referral to a more specialized practice, such as a vulvovaginitis doctor, or a doctor who specializes in chronic pelvic pain. Doctors who focus their practice on women with chronic vaginal issues may have the advanced knowledge and tools to let a patient know if an underlying condition is causing the chronic yeast infections to occur.

Another type of candida specialist that may be sought out by a woman with chronic yeast infections is a homeopathic doctor. This variety of candida specialist will try to cure the patient through natural methods such as a change in diet or the use of herbs. Yogurt, apple cider vinegar and garlic are all known to be foods that can help fight yeast, but it is typically best for a person to ask the opinion of a candida specialist before beginning any sort of treatment plan, even a homeopathic one.


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