How do I Choose the Best Camcorder with Night Vision?

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There are several factors you should consider when purchasing a camcorder with night vision. Consider whether you want the camcorder for personal and casual nighttime use, or professional quality recordings done in total darkness, for instance. Professional grade video recordings will typically require higher resolution. Extensive online research can help you make the best choice.

Using a video camera at night may not produce a clear recording unless it is enabled with a nighttime recording feature. An infrared device typically works best, although not all camcorders use infrared technology. You should note, however, that just because a camcorder with night vision illuminates your video, it does not necessarily produce high quality picture resolution and adequate zoom.

For personal use, consider a format that will be convenient for you, such as DVD or flash drive. If you want high definition for playback on your home television system, consider a high definition (HD) DVD drive camcorder with night vision. One advantage of the DVD format is the convenience of being able to play your recordings back on your DVD player.

A night vision video camera used for professional video recordings may require more than standard features. It is important to consider pixel count as well. The higher the pixel count, the better quality of your recording. Compare models and prices to learn your options.


If you are a professional videographer or require the video recorder for your job, you'll most likely want new technology. If your camcorder with night vision does not have an infrared detector, consider purchasing a separate infrared scope as an attachment. This will help detect movement in low lighting. Be sure the scope is compatible with your camcorder model.

You may have to compromise on zoom capabilities when choosing a high quality camcorder with night vision. To obtain quality recordings in low light conditions, some video recorders will have a less-than-optimal zoom lens. If you're not in close proximity of your subject, you'll most likely need a camcorder with higher zoom than 10X or 12X. It is possible, however, to obtain a higher zoom, so do your comparative shopping.

Don't forget to ask your dealer if it is possible to test the camcorder in low lighting. While it might not be possible to take it outdoors for testing, the representative should be able to dim the lights for you to test the capabilities of the camcorder. Shopping in person offers you the advantage of a test run that online shopping generally does not.

Lastly, check online reviews of various night vision camcorder models you may be considering. Consumer reviews, as well as reports from electronics experts, can lead you in the right direction. While you are doing your Internet research, don't forget to read the specifications for each camcorder model. Along with night vision capabilities, consider resolution, pixel count, and zoom.


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