How do I Choose the Best Cable Bundle?

Felicia Dye

The technique of selling services in bundles has grown popular among service providers. The idea is to make customers believe that if they agree, in advance, to make multiple purchases, they will experience significant savings. The cable industry commonly uses this selling technique. If you are considering whether to buy a cable bundle or which one is best, you should consider the decision very carefully to avoid wasting money.

The best cable bundle takes everyone in the family into consideration.
The best cable bundle takes everyone in the family into consideration.

The first thing you need to remember when purchasing a cable bundle is not to get caught up in sales pitches and advertisements. All deals are not as good as they seem, especially when they involve products that you do not need. It is best to take your time in making your decision. You should not feel as if you need to rush into it. You are always likely to make a better choice if you compare offers extended by different service providers.

A cable bundle often includes Internet services.
A cable bundle often includes Internet services.

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The best cable bundle for your household will generally be the one that takes everybody into consideration. Instead of impulsively acting in the interest of what pleases you, assess all the bundle options. Consider the interests, needs, and habits of everyone in your household. Even if you live alone, don’t be overly excited by a bundle that covers one of your interests, while ignoring another.

For example, you may be offered a cable bundle that includes Internet services. Since this bundle includes a number of premium channels, you may immediately regard it as a deal. You may, however, be ignoring that the included Internet services are not unlimited. If there are several people in your home who spend time online or if you rely on the Internet for an in-home business, you may be making a poor and expensive choice.

It also may not be advisable to accept services for the convenience of an occasional event. This could be the case if you are considering a cable bundle that includes telephone services although you only have a cell phone now. Some people agree to such packages telling themselves that they may need the telephone for something one day. This is not a good reason to commit to monthly charges.

You should also carefully consider these situations when you are offered special packages as part of a cable bundle. These include season packages of sporting events, adult entertainment, and movie packages. If you are considering such a package but are likely to watch only a few anticipated games or movies, consider whether or not it is cheaper to access those programs by way of pay-per-view.

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I've had horrible experiences with several internet providers; until Comcast. The Comcast cable internet is solid, secure, constant, and fast. Much better than any other connection I've ever had. For $20 bucks more a month I added a video package. It's working great for me!


Never get xfinity. They tell you one price then charge you another. Our bill was supposed to be $159. Now it's $213 and their excuse is, "Oh well you have equipment you're renting," but now its up to $408 and they're charging us for their mistakes and their representatives never help.

And if you're streaming movies, they slow down your internet because they want you watching their programming. They slowed down my Netflix and then denied it. They are by far the worst company I have ever come across.

Unless you like getting ripped off, never go to Comcast, a.k.a. Xfinity. To top it off, most of their representative support team can't even speak English. A lot of the time, I can't understand a word they say.

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