How Do I Choose the Best Cabbage Shredder?

Patti Kate

If you require a cabbage shredder for casual home use, a basic model constructed of wood should be adequate. An industrial-strength shredder for restaurant use is typically constructed of stainless steel for durability. If you prefer, you can choose a multi-purpose food shredder that works well for shredding and cutting various vegetables. Easy maintenance is another factor to consider. As with any kitchen product, obtaining a manufacturer warranty is important.

Shredded cabbage is a versatile vegetable for various dishes from salads to entrees.
Shredded cabbage is a versatile vegetable for various dishes from salads to entrees.

Consider a cabbage shredder that is versatile if you like to experiment with various recipes. Select a shredder with adjustable settings or blades that allows you to customize the thickness of your cabbage shreds and strips. If you do a lot of food preparation, you'll also want to choose one that can do the job quickly to save time in the kitchen.

Consider a cabbage shredder with adjustable settings to customize the thickness of cabbage shreds and strips.
Consider a cabbage shredder with adjustable settings to customize the thickness of cabbage shreds and strips.

Stainless steel construction is easier to clean and maintain than wood model shredders. You can easily wipe down the exterior of a stainless steel model with a damp cloth. A model that is listed as 18 gauge stainless steel should be rust-proof as well. Also look for cabbage shredders that contain dishwasher-safe parts, unless you prefer to hand wash them.

Rotating cabbage slicers provide a unique way of shredding cabbage. These shredders are made with a handle that is turned to shred vegetables. Look for a model that is made with an ergonomically designed handle, for less stress on your finger joints.

Safety should be an essential factor when shopping for your cabbage shredder. Choose a model that keeps your hands away from the blades. A shredder with an enclosed safety window is best.

Many cabbage shredders are small to medium sized, although the industrial models may be larger. If you have limited counter space, choose a compact sized shredder. Space-saving models are good for small kitchens and dorm rooms. Some also store easily in a kitchen drawer.

Most commercial cabbage shredders are free standing. Some styles of food shredders have a tilt base for easy angling. If you enjoy preparing unusual cuts of vegetables, choose a shredder with various grates that has the ability to carve different cuts. Fluted, wavy, laced, or grooved cuts may be achieved with some of the deluxe shredder models.

You might prefer a deluxe model cabbage shredder that comes with accessories. A food tray is convenient for catching the trimmings. Some shredders also include handy storage jars or containers. These shredder packages make nice gifts as well.

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I was able to find a household stainless steel cabbage shredder online for a little more than the price of the wooden ones. The main thing that attracted me to this one was the fact that I can open it up all the way and it's dishwasher safe.

Most of the time though I just wipe it off with an all natural cleaning wipe, but its nice to have the option to just throw it in the dishwasher with the rest of dishes.

I haven't ever tried a wooden cabbage shredder but I really love my stainless steel one for home use.


If you are looking at investing in a cabbage shredder, I would definitely recommend a stainless steel one.

You will pay more for this over the price of a wooden one, but in the long run it will be worth it.

I love to make my own sauerkraut and wanted something that would be easy to use and easy to keep clean. I think when it comes to food safety, using stainless steel is better than wood.

It is easy for wood products to absorb food odors and easier for bacteria to grow on wood than a stainless steel product.

Using a cabbage shredder makes quick work of shredding up a head of cabbage. I also like the thin, even slices it makes.


I like to make my own coleslaw and sauerkraut. When I do this, I will usually make a large batch at a time, so was looking for something that might make this quicker and easier.

In the past I have used an electric knife to do the job, and never really had any problems with it, but thought a real cabbage shredder would be faster.

I ordered a wooden cabbage shredder online and paid about $40 for it. It was pretty easy to figure out how to set up, but I must say I was a little disappointed over all.

It did work and shredded the cabbage, but I found that I could get it done just as fast with the electric knife. Now I have another kitchen appliance sitting around that hardly ever gets used.

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