How Do I Choose the Best Cabbage Seed?

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In order to choose the best cabbage seed it is necessary to look at a number of factors including the type of cabbage you wish to grow and the weather conditions in the area where you live. There are specialty cabbage seeds available such as organic and heirloom if this is an area of interest for you when purchasing seeds. Certain varieties of cabbage require more space and attention than others, so this is a consideration in choosing the best cabbage seed for your garden. Talking with other gardeners in your area can be a useful tool to determine the optimal cabbage seed for you.

There are many types of cabbage seeds available including white, purple and red cabbage varieties. Chinese cabbages and types such as savoy are also available in seed form. These cabbages vary based upon taste, color and sturdiness. White cabbage is often used for foods such as sauerkraut, red and purple for braised dishes, and Chinese varieties for stir-fry and as an accompaniment to Chinese food. Savoy cabbage is a heavy variety with crinkly leaves that can be used in many types of cuisines as well as eaten on its own.


Organic cabbage seeds are taken from cabbage plants that were grown under organic conditions, meaning that chemicals and pesticides were not used in their care. If avoiding chemicals and pesticides is important to you, choosing an organic cabbage seed is a good option. Make sure that it is actually organic and not simply labeled as such by looking for certification by an agency on the package label. Heirloom seeds are collected from plants and passed down from generation to generation without being genetically altered. Choosing an heirloom cabbage seed provides a bit of history along with tasty cabbage.

In general, cabbage seed flourishes in weather that is not too hot but still gets a good amount of sun. This means that they are particularly suited for cooler weather gardens in the spring and fall. As long as you follow this general rule, you can plant any variety of cabbage that you choose, as they are relatively hardy plants. If you do not have a lot of space, choose small cabbage varieties such as bok choy or plan on smaller cabbages being yielded from the garden. Talk to other gardeners in your area about the best types of cabbage to grow in your area. Visit a farmer's market to find many experts on the subject.


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