How Do I Choose the Best Business Desktop Computer?

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A business desktop computer is an investment that companies and small business owners must often make in order to stay productive and competitive. The best business computer will often provide the latest in technology upgrades, as well as durability and a warranty for ease of repairs. Depending on the needs of the company, there are two basic types of business computers available. One is the workstation, which is used in a heavy computing environment and meets the needs of companies that require video editing capabilities, high-level computational tasks, fast data transfers, and the latest software and hardware upgrades. The other type of business computer has minimal “bells and whistles,” and is intended for use in larger IT environments.

Connectivity is often necessary in a business desktop computer. Companies that need to transfer data between employees in the same building usually purchase computers that carry the same operating system (such as Microsoft ® Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, or Macintosh OS X®). This allows easy data transfer over a network. Companies also prefer computers that are able to connect to other devices, such as flash drives, Bluetooth® devices, smart phones or external hard drives. With network and Internet connectivity between business computers, companies are often able to speed up tasks and increase productivity.


The best business desktop computer often comes with a one or two year warranty. Because business computers are heavily used, sometimes 24 hours a day, they are often subject to glitches or breakdown of components. A warranty is often important for business owners so that they don’t have to pay the extra expense of repairing computers, or facing extra expenditures in the form of factory defects. Durability is another factor that often goes into selecting a business desktop computer. If a company doesn’t plan to upgrade its computers every year or two, its best option is often to purchase machines that are known to have a longer lifespan.

A business desktop computer should be upgradeable. If a business is in a heavy technology sector, it’s often cheaper to upgrade the hardware components of its computers than to buy entire new systems. Additional slots for RAM sticks, graphics cards, sound cards and power supplies can save the business owner money if they’re willing to upgrade computers to keep up with ever increasing technology demands. Upgrading internal components on a business desktop computer may void the warranty, but if the warranty period has expired, this option can present considerable cost savings for companies.


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