How Do I Choose the Best Bubble Hanging Chair?

Dan Cavallari

A bubble hanging chair is a type of chair that is suspended either from a metal base or from the ceiling of a room, and is shaped like a half-dome or bubble. The bubble hanging chair itself is often clear and made from LuciteĀ® or a similar type of plastic, though it is sometimes a solid color, most often white. When choosing a bubble hanging chair, it is important to consider the cost, comfort, construction, and aesthetic of the chair as it will relate to your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Start by determining where in the home or office the bubble hanging chair will be placed. If the unit will be placed somewhere without a ceiling, you will need to consider purchasing a unit that includes a stand from which the chair can be suspended. Otherwise, take note of the method by which the chair is suspended from the ceiling. All components should be high-quality and durable; remember that any fixtures that are screwed into the ceiling to support the chair will need to be screwed into a solid beam in order to support the weight of the chair when someone is sitting in it.

Think about whether you want a bubble hanging chair that is clear or colored. This will depend largely on your aesthetic preferences as well as the current decor of the room or space in which the chair will be hung. Very often, the interior of the chair is a different color than the exterior, since the inside is usually upholstered. Choose colors that suit your preferences, both inside and out, and make sure the colors you choose fit the aesthetic of the room.

More importantly, be sure to sit in the chair before purchasing, preferably for several minutes at a time, to gauge how comfortable that particular chair will be after several minutes of sitting. The chair should be easy to enter and exit, and the cushions should be thick enough that comfortable sitting positions are possible and easily achieved. The bubble shape itself can sometimes be uncomfortable, so the upholstery will need to account for this.

If you choose a chair that will use a metal stand, be sure the stand is visually attractive, but more importantly, make sure it is stable, sturdy, and well-constructed. If the chair will be used outdoors, the metal will need to be resistant to water damage such as rust and rot. Some types of steel are good choices for such purposes, since steel is strong and can be treated to resist water damage.

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