How Do I Choose the Best Brown Hair Highlights?

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When choosing the best brown hair highlights, it is important to consider factors such as your current hair color and whether you prefer a natural or dramatic look. Brown hair can be highlighted in shades of brown, gold, blonde, and red to provide different looks. If you are interested in adding color to you hair without dyeing it all, brown hair highlights are a good way to go, as they are not as damaging as full-head color. Talking to professional hair stylist is helpful when making a choice as he or she can make recommendations, tell you about the maintenance process, and show you color swatches.

If you do not want to do a lot of damage to your hair, it is better to choose brown hair highlights that are a few shades different from your natural hair color. People with dark brown hair can choose a deep auburn or copper highlights to add color and dimension without straying too far from natural, while those with medium brown hair can add blonde, gold, or strawberry highlights. For hair that has gold undertones, it is better to choose a warmer shade, as ash-colored highlights can look somewhat gray with golden tones, though ash highlights look good with cooler skin and hair tones.


The next thing to think about is how dramatic of a look you want. Dark brown hair highlights that are dramatic include lighter blonde and bright red shades. These looks can be fun if you are interested in trying something totally different and getting noticed. Medium brown hair can be highlighted with shades of lighter blonde or red as well.

Brown hair highlights can work well to cover grays that have invaded the hair. If you are looking to cover gray hair, it is usually best to choose a slightly gold or blonde color, as they cover gray hair more completely. Otherwise, it might be necessary to go with a brown shade all over the hair.

Talking with a professional hair stylist is a good idea because highlighting can be complicated at home. A stylist can provide color recommendations because he or she has had experience with color in the past. Having a professional apply the color is also a good idea because highlights can be made chunky and dramatic or subtle with face-framing layers of color. Stylists can also provide more than one shade of highlights during the process.


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