How Do I Choose the Best Bronzers for Fair Skin?

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Choosing the best bronzers for fair skin can often be much more difficult than picking products for darker complexions. The trick to doing so is to choose a product that is similar to your natural tan or only slightly darker than your normal skin tone. Picking bronzers for fair skin also requires you to look for products with at least some shimmer, as matte bronzers can make your face look muddy. For a foolproof method, simply buy the same brand of face powder you currently use one to two shades darker.

Oftentimes, bronzers at high-end makeup counters and the drugstore, are extremely dark and not the best bronzers for fair skin. When choosing a color, it is often ideal to keep in mind what your skin looks like when slightly tan. In most women with fair skin, pink undertones often become more apparent when they have a tan. For this reason, very light bronzers with slight peachy or rosy brown undertones often look best. When in doubt, always opt for the lightest shade of bronzer available if you are very fair.


If you regularly protect your skin with sunscreen, you may not know how your skin looks with a natural tan. In this case, the best bronzers for fair skin are often only one to two shades darker than your natural skin. To determine if this is the case with a specific product, swatch the bronzer on your hand. If it blends well and only looks bronze in certain lights, it is typically the ideal color for you.

While those with dark skin often avoid overly shimmery products, as they can look unnatural, the best bronzers for fair skin typically have a fair amount of sheen to them. As your skin is naturally light, it often looks glowing when well-maintained, making a shimmery bronzer the most natural choice. Using a matte bronzer can make your skin look almost dirty no matter how light of a product you choose. In general, matte bronzers should only be used for contouring, not for giving a sun-kissed glow.

Those with very light or hard-to-match skin may have a difficult time finding ideal bronzers for fair skin. In this case, a face powder may be best for you. If your current powder matches your skin well and works for your skin type, choose the next shade down in the same brand as your bronzer. This is likely to give you the most natural look possible, while still providing the illusion of a tan.


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Post 3

@feruze-- Try a bronzer with gold shimmers. The gold shimmers will blend in with your natural undertone and will highlight your features instead of painting over them.

I recommend staying away from very dark tones like dark red, brown or orange on your cheeks. Always go with light tones, like a rose color. If I were your makeup artist, I would use a golden-brown bronzer with golden shimmers.

There are a few makeup lines (even at the pharmacy) that actually offer bronzers and blushes for fair skin.

Post 2

I have fair skin with yellow undertones and I can't find the right bronzer for me. Every bronzer I've tried so far looks like I rubbed dirt into my cheeks and forehead!

What's a good bronzer for fair skin with yellow undertones?

Post 1

When I pick a bronzer, I make sure that it's only a few shades darker than my skin tone. I've made the mistake of wearing dark bronzer before and it made me look like a clown.

I wear a peachy brown tone bronzer year around. I think a bronzer with a peachy shade is the best bronzer for fair skin. It never looks over-the-top, it always looks natural which is what I'm going for.

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