How do I Choose the Best Brewer's Yeast Tablets?

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The best brewer's yeast tablets contain additional vitamin B12 which is added during the growing process. This supplement is beneficial in maintaining red blood cells and nerve tissues, but is not found naturally in yeast. These tablets are generally unpleasant in taste, though some versions are debittered for ease of consumption. The debittering step does not affect the nutritional value of the tablet. Pet owners should purchase the versions of this supplement which have also been combined with garlic.

Brewer's yeast is used in the beer making process, and also may be found as a bi-product of the brewery itself. It is found in nature as a fungus which grows on different types of grain. This yeast contains protein, a variety of B vitamins, phosphorus, and chromium, all of which may be absorbed by the human body. These nutrients can increase overall energy levels, assist the body in breaking down sugars for use in the cells, and lower cholesterol, among other health benefits.


Many vegetarians and vegans use this supplement as a natural source of some B vitamins found lacking in their animal product-free diets. The best brewer's yeast tablets for individuals who adhere to this type of diet is a type that is grown with additional vitamin B12, which is also not found in plant sources. This nutrient is necessary for the proper formation of red blood cells and is also found in nerve tissue. Not all versions of the tablet contain this nutrient, though the yeast does contain other naturally occurring forms of the B vitamin complex. Consumers should carefully read the bottle's labeling to ensure this vitamin has been added.

The tablet itself is often very bitter tasting, so brewer's yeast is also sold in powder and flake form which can be mixed into foods and drinks to disguise the taste. Individuals who enjoy the ease of taking a daily tablet instead of mixing it with food may wish to look for debittered brewer's yeast tablets. This product typically undergoes an additional step of drying and debittering following the brewing process.

This product is also common in use with pets. Their owners may wish to purchase the types of brewer's yeast tablets that are also made with garlic and are formulated specifically for feeding to animals. These tablets can increase the natural oils found in the skin and hair to create a smoother, glossier coat. They are often recommended for animals with dry skin who experience frequent itchy hot spots. Some pet owners frequently find that the yeast and garlic tablets offer a sufficient level of protection for their pets against fleas and ticks.


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Post 4

I highly recommend everyone to read customer reviews before buying brewer's yeast tablets. I bought a bottle recently without checking reviews. I thought it would be fine since the bottle said "debittered" but I was wrong. The product turned out to be very, very bitter. I was so disappointed. Even though tablets are easier than brewer's yeast powder, it was still difficult to chug them down because of the bitter taste. It's best to rely on customer reviews rather than what the manufacturer says. Unfortunately manufacturers aren't always honest.

Post 3

@SteamLouis-- I'm not sure. It might be beneficial to diabetics since it helps break down sugar. And I think many diabetics experience vitamin B12 deficiency and if you get brewer's yeast tablets with added vitamin B12, it could be helpful that way.

I'm taking brewer's yeast tablets because I'm breastfeeding and I heard that it can increase milk production. I take 650mg tablets but there are also 1000mg tablets out there. So choose the best one depending on the recommended dose on the label.

Post 2

Are there any benefits of brewer's yeast for diabetics? And if so, what dose should I take? What is the most effective dose range for brewer's yeast?

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