How Do I Choose the Best Breast Lotion?

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To choose the best breast lotion, determine its primary purpose. Breast lotions are usually designed to either improve breast skin or enhance or reduce breast size. Improving breast skin is an obtainable goal, while lotions that promise to change the size of your breasts are scams. Besides losing or gaining weight, the most reliable way to change breast size is to undergo cosmetic surgery. Lastly, breast lotions can sometimes contain potentially harmful ingredients that might cause harm to your breasts and, eventually, the rest of your body.

If you are looking for a lotion to cure sagging breasts, the closest product available is a breast lotion that firms the skin. These lotions are normally called breast firming creams or similar names, and they promise to firm the skin of the breast. This may sound like a cure for sagging breasts, but it only makes the skin healthier and less prone to stretch marks. Some people feel that their breasts are less saggy due to breast firming lotion; however, this feeling usually comes from having healthier skin. Combined with exercising to lose weight, this kind of breast lotion may improve the appearance of sagging breasts.


A breast lotion that claims to enhance the size of your breasts will not work. Breast enhancement creams are a common scam that has fooled people of all ages for years. Larger breasts are sometimes the side effect of weight gain, prescription medications, and simply growing into an adult. Lotions and pills are not proven to increase breast size at all.

Another kind of breast lotion promises to reduce the size of your breasts. Like enhancement claims, you should steer clear of products that cannot fulfill their main purpose. The best ways to reduce the size of breasts is to lose weight or undergo breast reduction surgery.

Breast augmentation and reduction surgery are options for people who want to change their breast size. These surgeries are available for both men and women, but usually require counseling with a surgeon to find out if breast surgery is right for your situation. They can also be expensive, though hospitals commonly offer payments plans for cosmetic surgery.

Sometimes a breast lotion contains potentially harmful but natural ingredients that increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. These ingredients are usually hormones derived from plants. An all-natural product can still be harmful, so make an educated choice when choosing the best breast lotion.


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