How Do I Choose the Best Branston Pickle?

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The Branston brand boasts a variety of quality pickles, which are known as relishes in many places. Original sweet Branston pickle is a favorite among many families in the United Kingdom. Choosing the best Branston pickle depends on your personal taste, such as a preference for cranberries or mustard. The purpose of the pickle is also a consideration, because different pickles suit different recipes. For example, beetroot pickle goes well in a salad, and red pepper and tomato pickle makes a tasty addition to a burger.

Choose a Branston pickle according to your taste. The pickles are available in original sweet pickle flavor, beetroot, cranberry and red pepper and tomato. Mustard pickle is also available in a squeezable bottle. Different people perceive different varieties of Branston pickle to be the best according to their personal preference.

Read the list of ingredients on the pickle jar to decide if you are happy with the contents. Most relishes, especially Branston’s original variety, contain chunks that are all of a similar brown color. Identify the chunks, and be sure to choose the pickle that has your preferred ingredients.

Personal taste also applies when considering the consistency of Branston pickle. Some people dislike chunks, but others love their crunchy texture. Branston original pickle is available in original-sized chunks, small chunks and a chunk-free, smooth variety. Choose the best consistency for your palette.


Some Branston pickles are quicker and easier to use than others. Original small chunk and smooth consistencies are available in squeezable bottles, as well as the mustard flavor. Squeezable bottles stand on their cap and are easy to grab and squeeze onto your baked potato or sandwich. Other types of pickle are available in glass jars with screw-top lids, creating the need for a spoon to remove the contents.

Think about the purpose of the pickle, because different pickles taste better when added to different foods. For example, Branston beetroot pickle goes well with goat’s cheese and potatoes, and cranberry and red onion pickle is delicious when mixed with red cabbage and served with a roast dinner. Original sweet pickle is traditionally used in sandwiches with cheese and ham or with a ploughman’s supper.

Chefs know the best variety of Branston pickle to use in their recipes. Add original Branston pickle to chicken or turkey stuffing for a tangy kick. Spread Branston red pepper and tomato pickle onto chicken breasts and cover with shredded cheddar cheese for a juicy meal. You can explore which pickles are best with different dishes.


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