How Do I Choose the Best Boys' Underwear?

Mary Ellen Popolo

There is a large variety of boys' underwear available on the market. So many styles and designs are available that purchasing underwear is sometimes not an easy task. The best kind of underwear will depend on the age of the boy who will be wearing them and the type and style of underwear he prefers. Boys’ underwear can usually be purchased in department stores, boys' clothing stores, and through online retailers.

Boxer shorts are loose-fitting boy's underwear.
Boxer shorts are loose-fitting boy's underwear.

Training pants are available for boys who are just beginning the process of potty training. An important factor when choosing underwear for toilet training toddlers is how easy the underwear is to pull up and down. Training pants can be washable and reusable or disposable. The difference comes down to your personal preference and whether you prefer to wash and reuse the underwear, or dispose of them if they become soiled.

Disposable training  underwear may be more convenient, but washable underwear is more cost effective.
Disposable training underwear may be more convenient, but washable underwear is more cost effective.

Once potty training no longer plays a part in the decision making process, you will need to choose from the wide selection of boys' underwear available. Fabric, type, color, and style are all factors to consider. Briefs are the most popular type of underwear available for boys of all ages. Other options include boxers and boxer-briefs which are a cross between a pair of briefs and a pair of boxer shorts.

Cotton is the most common fabric for all types of boys' underwear to made from, with blends being the second most common. Silk, nylon, and organic cotton are other fabrics you can choose from. The fabric you select should be easy to care for and, most importantly, machine washable. Size is must also be considered. Most packaged underwear has a size guideline printed directly on the packaging for easy reference.

Boys’ underwear can be found in a wide array of colors and designs. Solid color choices include white, blue, grey, and black, just to name a few. Pattern choices include camouflage, stripes, plaids, or designs that include cars, trucks, or sports themes. Popular figures such as superheroes and cartoon characters are also popular.

The cost of boys' underwear may vary from store to store. Underwear is often sold in packages containing several pairs, though sometimes you can purchase pairs individually. Purchasing a multi-pack is usually cheaper than buying underwear as a single pair. Fabric and design also affect the price. For instance, organic cotton underwear is generally more expensive than cotton underwear, and underwear with popular character themes may cost more than solid colored underwear.

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@Almita - Honestly, I think it's nice to have your kids come shopping with you. Then you won't buy them something they don't like. Just don't go near the toy isles and you're fine.

I think it's a marketing ploy. Kids love a character, so the company puts them on everything. So you always buy your child their favorite character.

My son could care less what type of underwear he wears. I just pick him the right size and we're done.


My son will only wear underwear that has his favorite characters on it -- so that's what I buy him. He is actually very picky about it and insists on coming with me when I go shopping.

I thought I was being smart by shopping ahead of time and bought packs when they were on sale, but then when a new movie came out. He suddenly lost interest in the character and wanted new underwear.

I don't get why it matters so much, since no one even sees them but him and me!

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