How Do I Choose the Best Boss Mug?

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So, you have decided to buy your boss a best boss mug. That is already the hardest decision out of the way, deciding what to buy him or her. Choosing the best boss mug means doing your research and understanding your boss. Well-chosen mugs take into account tastes, personality, occasion and budget. Get this right and you’ll have one happy boss.

Ask yourself some questions about your boss's personality. For example, ask yourself if your boss has a sense of humor or not. If not, then buying a humorous mug is probably not a good idea. If so, then what type of humor does your boss have? For example, is it silly, dark, warped or something else?

Understanding your boss’ personality will help you find the right boss mug for him or her. This also helps you narrow down all of the options. You can also do this by understanding the reason for giving your boss the mug. There are many reasons, from a boss’ birthday to a work-related anniversary, or because the boss broke the last one throwing it at a colleague’s head. If it’s the latter, consider buying a polystyrene cup.


Next, decide what style of mug you want to buy. Do you want it, for example, to be an ordinarily-shaped mug where the color and message are most important? Do you want it to be a thermal mug, one of those grey, steel mugs that keeps the boss’ coffee hotter for longer? Or perhaps you want to get a boss mug that is crazily-shaped. By narrowing down the options, you are making the actual mug hunt a lot easier.

Consider the words you want written on the mug. Most best boss mugs simply say “World’s Best Boss,” but if your boss has a sense of humor, you might be able to think of something wittier. A number of companies, both shops and online ventures, offer personalized messages on their mugs. If the mug is for a special occasion or you wish to print an in-joke from the office, then these companies are well worth considering.

Be conscious of your budget when you do the actual boss mug search. Check online stores first, as you can do this from the office and have a legitimate excuse for surfing the Internet at work. There are a number of online gift retailers who offer boss mugs. Check out their stock, prices and delivery details. It is highly likely you will have to pay delivery fees.

Make a shortlist and compare these boss mugs to ones you can buy in stores in your local area. When you have a shortlist of good mugs, ask friends and colleagues for advice. If it’s a shared present, then consensus is a good idea.


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