How do I Choose the Best Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan?

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There are many types of nutrition plans available for bodybuilders. Choosing the best bodybuilding nutrition plan depends on the body profile of the individual and the overall goals of the bodybuilder. An individual with a small frame will have different nutritional requirements than a person with a large frame. It is important to tailor the plan based on this profile to obtain the best results.

A person who has a small frame and wants to gain muscle should use a nutrition plan designed to help him gain lean muscle mass. This is accomplished through an increase in both carbohydrates and protein. A normal maintenance diet typically requires about 2,000 calories per day. A small-framed individual should increase this amount by 20 percent to gain additional mass. This should be monitored on a weekly basis until muscle and weight gain are increasing about 2 pounds (0.9 kg) per week.

When building muscle, it is most important to ensure the diet contains high quality proteins and is low in fat. This is best accomplished with fish, chicken, and protein supplements. Most protein supplements are made from whey, which is a quick-absorbing protein. Adding a whey shake to an after-workout meal typically produces the best results for a bodybuilding nutrition program.


A person with a large body frame should us a nutrition plan that includes fewer carbohydrates and more protein, which helps remove unwanted body fat. He should also plan to drink plenty of water and do extra cardio training. Obtaining a chiseled body is harder for someone with a large frame because most of the muscle is covered in fat. Bodybuilding nutrition should be tailored to produce fat loss and muscle gain.

Bodybuilding starts with proper nutrition and exercise. Bodybuilding nutrition should be based on protein for muscle growth and carbohydrates for energy, with additional vitamins and minerals for healthy cardiovascular system maintenance. The key for a successful nutrition plan is to create a program that has the proper balance of these two primary elements. On average, a good muscle-gain program should include the daily intake of 1 gram (0.035 ounces) of protein for every 1 pound (0.45kg) of body weight. This will provide sufficient protein to promote muscle growth.

Hard gainers are individuals who have a difficult time gaining weight. These athletes require a special bodybuilding nutrition program that includes extra carbohydrates and some fats. Carbohydrates help the body produce energy but extra carbs will convert into additional weight gain. If a bodybuilder is having trouble gaining weight, he should add an additional 15 percent of carbohydrates to his daily diet. This will normally help him pack on some additional pounds to assist with muscle growth.


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