How Do I Choose the Best Body Wrap?

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Body wraps are considered to be natural methods of detoxification, and they are also promoted as weight loss tools. The best body wrap that you choose first depends on whether you are looking to feel better by getting rid of toxins, or if you want to use it as a complement to an existing diet plan. Another consideration is the actual herbal clay ingredients within the body wraps, as they vary between brands. Certain types come in prepared versions, while others require that you apply a solution to the actual wrap itself before use.

Detoxification is thought to help to promote your overall well-being and weight loss efforts, which is why many consumers utilize body wraps as a part of their regular health regimen. The products generally come in a variety of different sizes that you place on desired body parts. Some of the most common areas are the stomach and waist, but body wraps can also be used on the thighs and arms.

In order to identify the best body wrap, you will first need to determine whether you want to use the product primarily for detoxifying purposes or for weight loss. The removal of toxins from the body is thought to help to promote weight loss itself, but certain brands of wraps are usually promoted for one use over the other. Many weight loss hopefuls turn to businesses that apply the wraps for them in hopes of seeing instant results.


Herbal clays are used with the wraps, but the specific ingredient can vary by brand. One of the most common ingredients is bentonite clay, which is renowned for its toxin removal properties through the skin. Other detoxifying features include regular sea clay as well as French green clays. Other body wraps might contain dead sea or red clays, but these features are primarily used for toning purposes as opposed to toxin removal. If you are looking to remove toxins and to lose weight, then the best body wrap will contain a combination of these ingredients.

When choosing the best body wrap, you will also want to consider the amount of effort that you are willing to put forth in using the product. Many prepared versions come with the clays already on the wrap so that you can apply them as-is. Another option is to purchase the ideal size wraps that you want and the clay separately, a method is generally used in spas. Some experienced consumers even go so far as to make the clays from scratch with powders from natural health stores, but this method is often more time consuming.


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