How Do I Choose the Best Body Pillow Case?

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Body pillows are long pillows that provide support for your entire body rather than just your head and neck. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with some resembling an over-sized regular pillow and others looping around to form a “C” shape. Choosing the best body pillow cover depends on the type of body pillow that you have, as well as your own preferences for fabrics and colors.

Straight-shaped body pillows, the kind that resemble regular pillows, are usually the easiest for which to find a body pillow case. The cases for this style come in many different fabrics, from inexpensive cotton to costlier silk. Keep in mind that if you choose a more delicate fabric like satin or silk, you will need to take extra steps when washing it, especially if it is dry-clean only. Your pillow case needs to be washed regularly because it collects all the dirt and bacteria from your hair and face as you sleep, so fabrics that can be washed in the washing machine are usually the easiest to maintain.


C-shaped pillows and other types of oddly shaped body pillows can be a little more challenging to choose a pillow case for, because their shapes are often proprietary. This means that each one is slightly different, depending on the manufacturer. You may need to buy a body pillow case in the same name brand as the pillow. If you are more concerned about simply covering the pillow and less about the design, you can attach two long pillow cases by sewing on several pieces of fabric to the end of each case.

If you suffer from allergies, you may want to opt for an allergen-reducing body pillow case. These come in several different types of material, including microfibers and organic fabrics. While the materials themselves are designed to reduce your exposure to dust mite particles, the size of the pores in the pillow case is what matters the most. Smaller pores make it harder for allergens to escape from your pillow and through the case, where you are more likely to breathe them in or come in contact with your skin. Keep in mind that your body pillow case will be touching a larger portion of your skin than a traditional pillow case.

If you have a difficult time finding the right body pillow case and you know how to use a sewing machine, you can make one that fits your needs. Even with limited sewing ability, a straight pillow case is relatively easy to make. Just sew it inside out and leave an opening at the top. Oddly shaped pillow cases require a little more sewing skill, so you should trace the pillow on a paper template before cutting the fabric. Making your own body pillow case allows you to be as creative as you want and control every aspect of the design.


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Post 3

@candyquilt-- I use allergy pillow cases and they definitely do help. I do recommend them.

The only issue is that they work even better if one uses hypoallergenic pillows as well. So if you have regular pillows, the allergy pillow case will help but it won't work as well as it would if your pillows were anti-allergies as well.

I also suspect that it would be a little more difficult to find hypoallergenic body pillow cases because they are very long. But you will probably find it at a bedding store or online. Definitely look into it.

Post 2

This is the first time I'm hearing about a pillow case for allergies. Does anyone here use one? Does it really work? I suffer from allergies year around, a body pillow case and regular pillow cases that reduce allergens would be great.

Post 1

Satin pillow cases seem nice and beauticians have started recommending silk and satin saying that these fabrics preven wrinkles. I don't think that they are necessary for a body pillow though.

I personally don't like satin. I had a satin body pillow case and the satin would cause my skin to get very warm. It's soft but also very slippery. I prefer a good quality cotton body pillow case. It's durable, easy to clean and it absorbs sweat and keeps skin cool. Good quality cotton is very soft as well.

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