How Do I Choose the Best Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair?

Judith Smith Sullivan

The best bob hairstyle for thick hair will depend on your hair texture and your facial shape. Bobs can work with a variety of hair textures, but the length and layering will be the determining factor. Almost any bob can work with thick hair as long has it doesn't overwhelm your face with volume.

The shape of the face will determine the best hairstyle.
The shape of the face will determine the best hairstyle.

To determine the shape of your face, take a dry erase marker and trace the outline of your face in a mirror. Compare the outline to an oval, circle, square, or heart shape. Typically, the oval face is slender, but widest at the eyes, with a narrower forehead and chin. A round face is not as elongated as the oval, but the eyes are still the widest part of the face. The square face is equally wide from forehead to the jawline, and the heart shape has a small, delicate chin and a wide forehead.

A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob.
A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob.

Thick hair is generally a genetic blessing, but it comes with a few problems, especially if it is wavy or curly. It is often heavy, sometimes causing discomfort or even headaches. Unless it is completely straight, a blunt cut on thick hair often results in an unflattering triangular shaped hairstyle. Using layers and adjusting the length of the hair can solve both issues. Even so, the right cut often depends on facial shape.

A pixie cut is one kind of bob hairstyle.
A pixie cut is one kind of bob hairstyle.

The oval face can wear many types of bob hairstyles. A great bob hairstyle for thick hair and an oval shaped face is the pixie style. This extremely short bob shows off the elegant structure of the face and highlights the eyes. This works with wavy or straight hair, but it isn't the best choice for very curly hair. An angled, or inverted, bob cut at chin level or a bit longer, is also a flattering style. For curly hair, the best cut is a jawline bob with side swept bangs.

The square and round face shape have a lot in common. The best bob hairstyle for a square or round face won't add to or accentuate the width of the face. For straight hair, a good cut is a layered bob that ends at the chin. An inverted bob draws too much attention to the shape of the head and face too be attractive.

Parting the hair to the side or adding side swept bangs disguises the roundness of the face. For square faces with delicate features, a layered bob with blunt bangs is cute. A longer bob, ending right above shoulder length, is a good choice for wavy to curly hair. Just make sure the stylist adds a few layers to avoid too much volume.

A heart shaped face usually needs bangs to balance the width of the forehead versus the chin. Almost any style of bangs are flattering, but avoid a style that is too thick because it can accentuate the forehead further. A cut that ends at the chin or is slightly longer will give the illusion of width. Adding some volume with waves or curls will also give balance to the face.

Adding side swept bangs can help disguise a round face.
Adding side swept bangs can help disguise a round face.

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I'm a mostly bald (sadly) male (happily, thank you), so this is not a practical issue for me, but hair is beautiful and women's style are always interesting to observe and enjoy, so, I've searched on the web and asked friends, even asked stylists, but I can never get a consistent definition of the difference between a bob cut and a pageboy. Maybe a future article on pageboy styles might be in order. Thanks!


If hair it very thick, no bob hairstyle will look good if it is all one length. In my opinion, it will have a helmet-like look with an unnatural appearance. The best way to avoid this look and to have more shape and less weight to heavy hair is the have a bob hairstyle that is cut into various layers. The layers will look nice, and the hairstyle will be soft and pretty.


I have very thick hair, and I have found that a mid-length bob works best for me. If I have my hair cut too short, it will look puffy and strange on top. If I let the bob hairstyle grow too long, the weight of my thick hair pulls my hair down and it looses its shape. However, a cut that falls right around my jawline looks shapely and attractive.

If you have thick hair like me, ask your hair stylist for a jaw-length bob next time you get your hair cut. Ask her to keep the length around your face a bit longer than in the back of your head. I think that you will find this to be a flattering cut that will hold its shape much longer than shorter or longer hair cuts will.

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