How Do I Choose the Best Blush for Men?

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The best blush for men will depend on a wide range of factors. Men who don't want it to be apparent that they are wearing makeup should probably choose shades that are much lighter and less noticeable than those who want it to be a bit more obvious. In both cases it is a good idea to choose colors that go well with your skin tone so that you look natural and radiant rather than covered in makeup. The exception to this rule is if you are looking for costume makeup, as this would probably be much darker than your natural shades.

One factor to consider when choosing blush for men is the purpose of the makeup. If you are looking for blush that will brighten your face in a natural way, you should go with lighter colors that will not be apparent against your skin. Shades in this category will include light pinks and tans. By using lighter shades, you can create the appearance of a naturally bright or bronzed skin tone without making it obvious that you are wearing makeup.

There are some cosmetics companies that sell specific blush for men. These products are usually sold in shades which are already lighter and less noticeable than those sold to women. If you can't find these or you don't want to pay the price, since they can be more expensive, you can choose any blush aimed at women if it's in the right shade.


Aside from the brightness and strength of the shade you choose, it is also important that any blush for men match your natural sin tone. If you have fair skin, it is probably best that you go with pink or neutral shades to avoid giving your face an orange tone. Olive skin tones or those with naturally tan skins should stick with tans and orange shades. If you have very dark skin, you can use reds and much darker shades.

When applying blush, make sure you use only what you need. Apply it using upward strokes to the apples of your cheeks. You should also remember to use the correct type of blush brush when doing the application.

The main exception to these rules when choosing a blush for men is in the case of needing costume makeup. In this case, the right choice would be dependent on the type of costume you are choosing and the shades necessary to pull it off. Using a liquid or gel blush rather than powder may allow you to customize your look.


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