How do I Choose the Best Bluetooth&Reg; Charger?

Anna B. Smith

The best type of bluetooth® charger uses a micro USB port that can plug into the wall or the computer. This type of charger can power both the handsfree device as well as any cell phones which also are equipped with an identical charging port. Some car travel chargers feature two plug in ports and can charge one phone and one headset simultaneously, which is beneficial for individuals who spend a great deal of time on the road. These devices may be purchased online or from local cellular retail dealers.

A variety of USB cables, which are often found on Bluetooth&reg chargers.
A variety of USB cables, which are often found on Bluetooth&reg chargers.

Bluetooth® is technology that allows devices to communicate with one another without intervening cables and cords. It is most commonly associated with cellular telephones in which a phone call may be taken on an ear piece that is not physically connected to the mobile unit. These headsets are lightweight and use very little energy while operating. This type of wireless technology is also available in car stereos, computers, and televisions.

Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.
Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.

This technology is incorporated into electronic devices by a wide variety of manufacturers. Consumers may wish to begin by examining the device for which they are purchasing a bluetooth® charger to discover what type of charging port is used. Not all bluetooth® electronics use the same size charging ports, and the style and shape of the entry point will determine what options are available regarding chargers.

Customers who have not yet bought their bluetooth® device may wish to consider one that uses a micro USB charging port. Many cellular phone manufacturers equip their mobiles with micro USB ports that allow the phone to charge and hook up to a computer using the same entry point. Consumers who have a bluetooth® device and cellular phone that both charge using a micro USB port can purchase virtually any style of micro USB charger to service both pieces of equipment.

Efficient micro USB chargers are designed so that the connective cable may be plugged into an AC wall outlet adapter or a computer USB port. This eliminates the need for multiple cables in the home or work office all accomplishing similar tasks. One end of the cable can plug into the adapter, while the other end serves as a cell phone or bluetooth® charger when needed. Once all devices have finished charging, the adapter can be disconnected and the cable may then be moved to the computer to allow for software updates.

Users who travel a great deal can benefit from purchasing a cellphone car charger that is equipped with an additional outlet and short cord which allow it to double as a bluetooth® charger. This type of charging device typically plugs into a cigarette or 12 volt circular outlet located on the car dashboard. A long cord connects this to the phone and charges it from the car battery whenever the vehicle is turned on. A similar shorter extender can be plugged into a small outlet along the top of the charger and connected to the bluetooth® device, charging it simultaneously. Users can keep both devices fully powered while traveling and continue to use them in tandem, regardless of how long they may be away from home and the convenience of a traditional wall outlet charger.

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